Friday, May 1, 2009

"Mom Likes Me Best!"

What fun Ed & I had last night! My girlfriend Diana launched her new business in great style, with fabulous food, music and lots of familiar, friendly faces.

Diana and I go back about 19 years or so. She was one of the first friends I made when we moved to this area. We were even Amway Distributors (yikes!) together for a while…but I digress!

Diana owns a restaurant in downtown Lincoln called Simple Pleasures and also a catering business by the same name. She catered our wedding, and my daughter’s college graduation party. She has fed me many a great rib-eye steak sandwich & tuna or taco salad in Simple Pleasures. My favorite thing on the menu has always been her potato salad. It is absolutely the best! Now, I can make it at home!

Diana’s new business is called:

I am so happy that among her new products is her mother’s salad dressing – the very one that makes that potato salad so special! Yippee!!

Last night I tasted all the new products and I bought one of each. Below is a photo of the basket-full and a close up (not so clear – sorry!) of a cute sugar cookie shaped like a picnic basket.

They are all delicious! The Apple Cinnamon Sauce will surely be a staple in my pantry. You know, baked apples, pancakes, ice cream… If you like a little kick, the Chipotle Dressing (& Dip) would be good on a taco or fajita salad and would even give an iceberg wedge a new personality.

Please visit Diana’s website. It’s a work in progress, but you can view/order the products. You will want to click on the “Our Story” tab to read about how this business is a tribute to Diana’s 82-year-old mother!

Launching a business during these times might be scary to some, but Diana has stepped out in Faith and I know she will be blessed!

Please click on the “Contact Us” tab to send her an “atta girl”. If you do, tell her that Chris Fetter sent you. Better yet, get yourself some of that Salad Dressing and whip up a batch of potato salad!

Cheers! Chris