Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Colors

Update: I have been trying for days to get some decent photos of my paint colors!  Both my digital camera & my cell phone camera have produced very poor results.  I think I need to take a class... I'm going to move on for now.  When/if I figure this out I'll post photos, deal? (I am open to suggestions from you fab photographers!)

I am headed over to the new house to take photos of the finished painting.  It is a bright day, so I'm hoping you can get an idea of the colors look up on the walls.  I have a couple of fabric choices for the kitchen windows that I'll try to show as well.

Below is a photo of the paint chips.  The kitchen paint is actually a very creamy yellow.  The chip in the photo is off. :(  The stencil is an idea for the entrance hall.  I would apply it either a clear gloss, or darker shade of the same color for a tone-on-tone look.  Still thinking about that one....

Sunday, April 27, 2014

More "Before" Photos

It has been a busy week.  I'm packing one house and unpacking into another.  We've had new, water-saving toilets installed, had the front of the house repaired (where the plumber ran into it with his van), and the painting has been done in the entry, kitchen, living/dining room and hall. 

I guess I'd better get some more before photos posted, so I can show you what's new!  This is definitely too much white for me...

Entrance Hallway

Dining Area

Living Area - Back Wall

Living Area - "Alcove"

Hallway to Bedrooms

The painting is all of these spaces is done.  Patti The Painter will be back on Monday morning to do any touch up that is necessary.  I absolutely love the colors.  I'll post some shots of the rooms as soon as we get a bright day to show them off.  Tomorrow, maybe?

Monday, April 21, 2014

We have the keys!

Last Thursday evening, we finally received the keys to our new home.  Seemed to me that the event would never arrive!  It did, and I am over the moon!

The last 3 days have been busy.  We needed to change the door hardware/locks, start measuring for furniture, deal with utilities.  You know, all the little things that go along with a change of residence.  Oh, I forgot to mention conducting the guided tours for my friends! :)

I have taken quite a few "before" photos, and will start posting them for you all to see. 


Here's my new kitchen.  It's small but really very efficient.  The kitchen I am leaving behind is too big.  Yes, you heard me, TOO BIG.  It is a killer, to work in because the work triangle is non-existent.  I am going to love the new one!
The retro drapes are going.  They will be replaced with valances & fabric blinds.  Hanging lamp will be replaced as well.

The credenza I showed you will be placed on the wall you can't seen on the other side of the pantry cabinet.

I have a small, square library table with two pull-out extensions that will just fit this space.  Eventually, I'd like to put banquette seating in the corner under both windows.
View into the kitchen nook 
All of the appliances are original to the house. They are in good, working condition so we can push that expense out a while.

I need to decide whether I am going to paint the cabinetry white, and I am leaning that direction.  If I do, we'll go stainless steel.  If I leave the oak, I'll use white. 

I love those little glass block windows over the counter.  This is the east wall of the house, and the morning sun shine through!
Stove wall
Haven't decided about the counters.  I can live with white tile.  The advantage to changing is that the double sink is really too small.  Not a decision I have to make right away. 
Planning to put slide-outs in the pantry cupboard.  A couple of the lower cabinets have slide out already.
Just wanted to show the inside-out view of the front garden. You also get a close-up of those "interesting" drapes.
View out of the front window


Monday, April 14, 2014

Yellow Rose

We had the final walk through in our new home yesterday afternoon.  It was great to see it completely empty & cleaned up a bit.  Everything looked as it should, and we are set to receive our keys this coming Thursday. Can't wait!

It was a nice surprise to see the rose in the front garden blooming.  It had been covered with buds when we were last there.  It is definitely an English rose. Unfortunately, the tag is no longer there, so I may have some difficulty identifying it.  Am I the only person who carefully maintains the tags on roses?  I am starting my garden diary for this home now!

In any case, I think it is a beauty!

Mystery Yellow Rose

Friday, April 11, 2014

Quick Update!

We are all set to close on the new house on April 17th!  I will be so glad to start moving and transforming it into "my" home. There are a couple of very busy weeks ahead, but it will be happy work. :)

I have to say that I am the most grateful for our real estate agent who hand-held us through this process.  She is outstanding!  I might just have to do a post about it one day...

As soon as we get the keys, and I get the move-in cleaning done, I'll post the "before" photos.  Today, I am playing with paint color. You'll see why below.  Fun!

Here are a two more photos from the real estate listing.  This furniture belongs to the previous owner.

Dining/Living Room

Master Bedroom