Friday, March 28, 2014

From 10 Acres to...

In addition to interior decor, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about landscaping.  With acres & acres of farm/ranch land around our home, the natural landscaping was just right!  There are beautiful views out almost every window and off the decks.  

Here is our new property!  Postage Stamp might well describe it.  However, I am very excited to plan & execute a new garden for my new home.

The back garden ( from listing photos).

Front - Overgrown bushes everywhere.
I am going to have to live in the new place for a few weeks to see how the sunlight falls on the gardens, but I am certain I will have more shade.  There is, I think, a sunny side yard behind the fence for vegetables and a small cutting garden.  In the more shaded area in back, there is a nice hydrangea, a raggedy azalea and that poor citrus tree that needs feeding, which I have done already.  Poor tree, I hate to yank it, but it is exactly in the wrong place in my opinion.  One option is to go to my favorite nursery and have them do a plan for me.  

I think this will definitely be FUN!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Letting Go of "Stuff"

Preparing to move into a new home is hard work.  I know that.  But when your new home is much smaller, it also means making tough decisions about what to keep & what has to go.  I am not enjoying this part!  I have always been a "more is more" kind of girl.  That needs to change, not just of necessity, but also because I don't want stuff to be what my life is all about.

I have let go of a ton of things already. Had for sale.  For example, I called my dear friend Pat one day and asked her to come get most of my teapot collection and dispose of it however she saw fit.  I just could not do it. I cried as I packed them, choosing only to keep a few that I use, or a couple that where gifts from my daughter.  As it turns out, while I am wistful when I think of some of them, that happens less and less often. I can now say that I hope wherever they land, they will bring joy and delicious tea into their new homes.

Today's dilemma is this decanter set.  I have owned it for years, and it has had a fair amount of use.  I am a fan of Port, Sherry & Madeira.  I also like to serve an after-dinner liquor occasionally.  But truth be told, the set is being used less and less frequently.

So, what to do?

I enjoy the set, and it holds many fun memories of guests and dinners parties. Port definitely tastes better out of those glasses! It looks lovely on my buffet. I think it probably needs stay.

It isn't being used often, it is a pain to wash & dust, if it is on display.  If I store it away, it'll never get used. Someone else might use & love it?  I think it probably needs go.

See what I mean?  Have you had to make these kinds of decisions?  Do you have any advice for me?

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Yes, it has been months since I wrote.  

Actually, there wasn't much to say, except that our home was on the market, sold once (deal fell apart) then sold a second time (that deal stuck)!  Keeping the house ready to show during that long time wasn't fun.  Most of decor was packed away, entertaining was out of the question, my home didn't feel like "home".  We couldn't even look for a new place to live until we were sure we had a sale on our home.  Compounded by the fact we don't really want to leave the "farm", I have to admit that it hasn't been the happiest of times, although, I have learned some valuable lessons.

The family moving in is just right for this house & property.  They are young, have 2 kids, a horse & dog and will love living here.  They also have the energy to take care of 10 acres, which we just do not, anymore.  This all makes the leaving much easier

The great news is that we have purchased our new home and I am so happy to start this next adventure in our lives!  The home is small, half the size of our current one, approximately 1322 sq. ft.  "right-sizing" into this space is a challenge I am looking forward to tackling.

I am posting a photo of the front of the house from the real estate listing, and a floor plan that my husband drew.  Those red numbers represent project he wants to do & their priority.  LOVE my engineer husband!

As I start moving and decorating, there will be lots more to share!  I will be back soon!

Front of house

Floor plan