Sunday, December 15, 2013

An Update on Our Move

Two & a half months of having our home on the market has produced LOTS of traffic through the house. Unfortunately, we have received only one very low ball offer, with a contingency on the sale of their house, which we declined.

Apart from the daily upkeep & preparation "just in case", it hasn't been too bad.  We no longer leave the property when we have people looking, even though we have a lock box, just make ourselves scarce.  This is because we came home from a 3-day trip to find our front door wide open!  I can assure you that one realtor got a very stern scolding from our agent!

It is very likely that we will lose the home on which we have the deposit.  (Photos I recently posted.)  It is complete, and we are not ready to take possession.  On the other hand, they are willing to hold it for a short while, and Christmas miracles DO happen! :)

The good news?  There are lots of homes for sale in the are we want to live! 

You may not believe this, BUT, my best girlfriend has moved to a 5-Star mobile home park in Historic Folsom, CA, that I would love to live in.  Unlike any park you have ever seen, it is gorgeous!  That is an option that we are considering.  I plan to write more about it in a few days!

I'll leave you with a photo taken from my back deck.  Sunrise with out other homes to block my view will be one of the things I miss most!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Color Palette

Those kitchen cabinets might not get painted white, after all!

A few weeks ago, I was in my favorite home decor fabric store, Calico Corners, searching for inspiration.  Wouldn't you know, I found a fabric collection that I just love.  (Of course I did!)  I brought samples home & the next day, took them with me to the model, which has our exact paint, flooring & cabinets. 

I have to admit, the fabrics for the family room really look terrific with the color of the cabinetry in the kitchen, which is all open-plan.  They will be lovely with a white kitchen, too.  It has given me something to think about, that's for sure!

The Fabric collection is called Pheasant Hunt.  I especially like the pheasant fabric, because it has green & red in it.  I want to switch my palette to be more blue/teal, but I have 2 leather chairs that I don't want to/can't replace that are, you guessed it, green & garnet red.

Pheasant Hunt - Calico Corners

You can see the collection HERE, and also view a sample room shot. If you look back at the model home photos, you can see the cabinets.  I like them with the fabrics, do you?

I have to admit that I am excited about this!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

In Search of: A New Series to Watch on Netflix!

The Mr. & I just watched the last episode, 87 in all, of  All Creatures Great & Small on Netflix.  This BBC series based on the James Herriot book of the same title, is one I LOVE.  Set in in the Yorkshire Dales, the story of a 1930's and forward veterinary practice, is rich with lovable characters, beautiful scenery, heartwarming and sometimes sad stories.  I wanted it to go on and on!

We've done a bunch of BBC mystery/detective series, Midsomer Murders & Rosemary & Thyme, being our favorites.

I think I'm in love with Tom Barnby!

Now, we're looking for new programs. 

Help!  What are you watching these days?

Thanks for reading,


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Sister's New Blog

My sister Sallee has just started a blog.  It is titled The Grateful Years

You are going to enjoy it, I promise.

Sallee is very talented, if I might be able to brag some.  She is an accomplished artist, an author (2 published mystery novels to date), a gardener, a name it!

As soon as you have a few minutes to spare, hop on over for a vist and welcome her to blogdom!  Tell her Chris sent you. :)

Thanks for reading,


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kitchen Cabinets

Yesterday, I met my girlfriend "Patti the Painter" (yes, she's a licensed painting contractor) at the model of my new home.  I wanted to ask her about painting the kitchen cabinets.  I know, you think I'm crazy, right?  Well here's the deal...

As you can see in the photo of the kitchen, the cabinets are Shaker style and kind of a cinnamon color.  I love the style, and don't hate the color.  What I have wanted for years are white cabinets.  I have decided that I will have Patti do the painting before we actually move in.  The color of our trim is called Cottage White, a nice creamy white.  I'll lighten it a couple of shades, and use that. 

The not-so-attractive ceiling fixtures will be replaced with a couple of transitional style track lights with mini spots.  We replaced one of the can lights in our current kitchen with these and I love being able to direct the light to the spaces where I work.

It's beginning to come together....

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, July 21, 2013


This is going to be so cute in my new laundry room!  I will be shopping for seasonal that cheating? :)  Might even head over to LittleMissMatched and order some mismatched socks in coordinating colors!

We are headed to the Sales Office for the new house today to pick out the finishes.  Fun! 

The hubs & I have been playing with furniture arrangements (on paper) trying to decide what furniture we know we want & can keep. This is really tough my friends.

On a brighter note, I came up with a helpful idea this morning!  Our new office is going to be quite a bit smaller. In the new place, it will be in the smallest bedroom.  My husband wants to put his desk and bookshelves into the closet. Okay by me.  I couldn't do it, I'd be claustrophobic. Then, I suggested to my husband that we take the TV armoire from our master bedroom and turn it into a desk for me.  He liked the idea, took some measurements & said it would be easy, and inexpensive to do!  Containment of my "stuff" and a smaller footprint...thumbs up!  It even leaves room for an IKEA single chair/bed.  Smaller space, one more guest bed. 

I am beginning to feel more comfortable with this journey. As Martha says, "That's a good thing".

Thanks for reading!  Chris

Saturday, July 13, 2013

A peek at my (soon to be) new home.

As promised, I am posting a few photos & the floor plan of the home we have purchased.

I am beginning to feel some affection for this smaller home, even as I hate having to leave the farm and my current home. 

This is the floor plan of the house we have purchased.  It is 1503 sq. ft., and that's a little scary!  Paring down is certainly in order. :)

Floor plan

I'm also attaching some photos of the model.  This shows the actual finishes, paint, granite, cabinets, etc., that we have chosen.  Unfortunately, white cabinetry is not available.  I may be repainting in short order after we move in! 

Kitchen - Ugly ceiling fixtures are being replaced!
Living room corner. 

Master bedroom
 The adventure continues!


Sunday, July 7, 2013

This harder AND better than I thought...

I haven't been around (again) because I have been so caught up in this "moving thing"!  It has taken me a while to truly reconcile myself to the idea of leaving our 10-acre property.  This country home was a dream of many years for us.  It has been a joy, mostly, to live that dream.  Now, it is just too much for us to care for properly.  We do need to move on, but it is sad task, you know?

The new house, is 1000 sq. ft. smaller than this one.  It is definitely the right size for us now.  I have finally given up trying to fit everything I have here into the new place; believe me when I say I tried...

"Right-sizing" means I am selling, giving, tossing away a ton of stuff.  These decisions are not easy!  Amazingly enough, I am feeling good about having less "stuff".  In some way, this exercise is allowing me to focus on what I really love, and making a home that is more manageable.  Who'd a thunk?

I am going to try to come here more often as we make this transition.  I'll be looking forward to your comments & encouragement!

Here a few photos of our current place.  I'll post a floor plan & some photos of the model of the new house in a day or two.

Driveway from the county road to our house

House front - early morning

Back deck view

Thanks for hanging in there with me!  Chris

Sunday, April 14, 2013

I LOVE Lanterns!

I use a lot of lanterns in my decor.  I love the warm glow they give to a room, even in the Spring & Fall months.  I have been stocking up on the LED-lighted candles.  They're wonderful to use when it's warmer.  Some even have a slight scent.

Here's a sample of some of the lanterns, and one terrarium, that are offered on my website.  The lighter finishes feel more like spring and summer to me.  And because I have the LED candles, I can tuck them amongst plants in the terrarium.  I've ordered a terrarium for myself!  I can't wait to receive it and play with vignettes. :)

I'm going through decor withdrawals!  We're packing to stage the house for sale.  I have to make very specific choices about what I leave out.  I'm told that my "collections, no matter how tastefully displayed" may be viewed as clutter to a potential buyer.  Phooey!

Are lanterns a part of your decor?  Do you have a favorite place or way to use them?  I'd love to hear about it!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

How Would You Use This Stand?

Spring has me thinking of “sprucing up” my outdoor spaces. A patio, porch or deck is the perfect place to use pieces that are interesting (funky?) and functional too. This metal flower stand has so many possibilities!

Metal Flower Stand

Here a some of my ideas:

In the bottom basket, add a pretty green fern. Then place a few 2-inch pots of annual flowers in the top to give it some color. Johnny Jump-ups or pretty pansies would be gorgeous. Using small terracotta pots & pony packs of annuals would make it inexpensive. You can hide the pots with moss, and it will resemble a small garden. Tuck in a couple of miniature items an you’ll have a fairy garden!

You could also sit one beautiful orchid or a collection of small succulents in a dish in the top basket. They’d be easy to move when you wanted to add a bowl of ice & a few canned beverages or a bottle of wine for an outdoor meal. Leave the top bucket empty except for a small candle in a cute holder, sit it next to a chair & you have a cool side table to hold a drink. 

Not only for outdoors, the flower stand would be perfect in a powder room. Store extra toilet paper in the lower basket, and rolled guest towels & a small decanter with guest soaps or potpourri in the top.

So...what's your idea?