Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Real Food

I am very blessed to live in Placer County, California!  Our county has an agricultural heritage which is being nurtured and kept alive by many individuals, family farms amd orchards and local restauramts.  We are lucky that we truly can "eat locally" here in our part of Northern California.  Year-round Farmer's Market's make it possible to enjoy fresh meat, fish, and poultry as well as all kinds of seasonal produce.  I am taking full advantage of it, making major changes in the way we eat.

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I attended the release party for a cookbook titled "Real Food".  The cookbook follows the authour Joanne Neft & local Chef Laura Kinney from their weekly visit to the Farmer's Market, purchasing local, seasonal food, to the dinner table, creating & serving delicious, healthful meals with what they have purchased.  Every week for one year, this duo amazes!  As far as I can see, there is not one meal I wouldn't be thrilled to serve & eat!

I personally can't wait for the week of July 6th, when the menu is "Fig Fantasy"! (ILOVE FIGS!)
  • Mixed Geens with Figs, Blue Cheese & Honey Balsamic Vinaigrette 
  • Grilled Figs with Peaches and Proscuitto
  • Roasted Chicken with Fig Glaze
  • Creamy Polenta with Fig Compote
  • Romano Beans with Almond Pesto and Figs
  • Vanilla Ice Cream with Fresh Figs and Blackberries
Just pick two or three of those and have yourself a yummy time!

Here's the link to the video of the cookbook release party.  Enjoy!


P.S. Are you eating Real Food, or trying to?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So, I've been MIA, playing hookey, taking a break, incommunicado...one of those euphemisms for "I disappeared", and in a most ungracious manner at that!

Why is that you might ask?

First let me say it had nothing to do with any of my blog buddies.  I love you all! 

In fact, I have been sneaking peeks at your blogs all along!  Your posts bring much joy and entertainment into my days!

No, the problem is me! 
I could blame it on Seasonal Affective Disorder which I have had for years.  This year has been the worst!  I know it contributed to my funk, but to tell the truth, the real reason is, I got BORED!  With my own writing, my own photos, everything!  I didn't enjoy it and I couldn't imagine that you did either...

Well, the sun is shining again, there are new things happening in my life, and I'm ready to give this another try.  I hope you'll come for a visit occasionally.  I'll try not to bore us all to tears.  Deal?


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Shout Hosanna!

Christ is risen! Shout Hosanna!
Celebrate this day of days!
Christ is risen! Hush in wonder:
all creation is amazed.
In the desert all-surrounding,
see, a spreading tree has grown.
Healing leaves of grace abounding
bring a taste of love unknown.

Christ is risen! Raise your spirits
from the caverns of despair.
Walk with gladness in the morning.
See what love can do and dare.
Drink the wine of resurrection,
not a servant, but a friend.
Jesus is our strong companion.
Joy and peace shall never end.

Christ is risen! Earth and heaven
nevermore shall be the same.
Break the bread of new creation
where the world is still in pain.
Tell its grim, demonic chorus:
'Christ is risen! Get you gone!'
God the First and Last is with us.
Sing Hosanna everyone!

Blessed Easter Everyone!