Sunday, September 29, 2013

Color Palette

Those kitchen cabinets might not get painted white, after all!

A few weeks ago, I was in my favorite home decor fabric store, Calico Corners, searching for inspiration.  Wouldn't you know, I found a fabric collection that I just love.  (Of course I did!)  I brought samples home & the next day, took them with me to the model, which has our exact paint, flooring & cabinets. 

I have to admit, the fabrics for the family room really look terrific with the color of the cabinetry in the kitchen, which is all open-plan.  They will be lovely with a white kitchen, too.  It has given me something to think about, that's for sure!

The Fabric collection is called Pheasant Hunt.  I especially like the pheasant fabric, because it has green & red in it.  I want to switch my palette to be more blue/teal, but I have 2 leather chairs that I don't want to/can't replace that are, you guessed it, green & garnet red.

Pheasant Hunt - Calico Corners

You can see the collection HERE, and also view a sample room shot. If you look back at the model home photos, you can see the cabinets.  I like them with the fabrics, do you?

I have to admit that I am excited about this!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

In Search of: A New Series to Watch on Netflix!

The Mr. & I just watched the last episode, 87 in all, of  All Creatures Great & Small on Netflix.  This BBC series based on the James Herriot book of the same title, is one I LOVE.  Set in in the Yorkshire Dales, the story of a 1930's and forward veterinary practice, is rich with lovable characters, beautiful scenery, heartwarming and sometimes sad stories.  I wanted it to go on and on!

We've done a bunch of BBC mystery/detective series, Midsomer Murders & Rosemary & Thyme, being our favorites.

I think I'm in love with Tom Barnby!

Now, we're looking for new programs. 

Help!  What are you watching these days?

Thanks for reading,