Friday, April 17, 2015

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Kitchen Nook Windows

The windows in my kitchen nook are large & let in lots of morning sun, which I love.

Nook - Drapes are gone!

I have had some fabric for a couple of years that I think is just right for them.  It looks really nice against the creamy yellow walls.  (Hopefully you'll get to see that color one day!)  

The plan is to make valances out of the toile, trimmed with the ticking fabric.  Then, I'll add roman shades, that can stack up under the valance, made from the ticking.

Now, we just have to finish the move so I can start sewing!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Colors

Update: I have been trying for days to get some decent photos of my paint colors!  Both my digital camera & my cell phone camera have produced very poor results.  I think I need to take a class... I'm going to move on for now.  When/if I figure this out I'll post photos, deal? (I am open to suggestions from you fab photographers!)

I am headed over to the new house to take photos of the finished painting.  It is a bright day, so I'm hoping you can get an idea of the colors look up on the walls.  I have a couple of fabric choices for the kitchen windows that I'll try to show as well.

Below is a photo of the paint chips.  The kitchen paint is actually a very creamy yellow.  The chip in the photo is off. :(  The stencil is an idea for the entrance hall.  I would apply it either a clear gloss, or darker shade of the same color for a tone-on-tone look.  Still thinking about that one....