Sunday, May 30, 2010

Thank You Veterans!

I am proud to be called an American.

Thank you to all Veterans for your courage, love of country, and for your sometimes ultimate sacrifice.  You have secured for me the privilege to live in the greatest country on earth! 

God Bless Our Veterans & God Bless America!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On a High!

A couple of weekends ago, my best girlfriend & I spent the weekend in San Francisco and the surrounding area.  We saw a production of Peter Pan, which was spectacular!  The "flying", the special effects were so wonderful.  When this touring show comes to your city, DON"T MISS IT!  No photography was allowed, so I have no pictures to show you, sorry.  You can watch a short video HERE.

Friday night we stayed at the Hyatt Regency at Embarcadero Center.  The tent theater for Peter Pan was erected in the Ferry Park on the Embarcadero property, so it was a 3 minute walk from the hotel entrance. Even if the show weren't so close, we both love this hotel!  It has very interesting architecture, partially a pyramid shape, which is evident on the inside as well as outside.  Standing in the hotel's Atrium, you can see all the way up to the top floors.  It also has an 18th story circular private restaurant/bar which provides a 360 degree view!  Click HERE and take the "virtual tour", and you'll get an idea of how cool this building is!

On Saturday morning, we had our complimentary breakfast in the Regency Club.  (Our show package gave us a room on a private floor & access to the "club", La-Te-Da!  I'm posting photos of the circular room & the views below.

We sat at this table.

Bay Bridge

See this piece of concrete detail?  There was a window washer walking on this with NO tether, bucket and squeegee in hand!  Really!  No kidding!  18 floors up! 
We had to leave because my girlfriend was getting sick watching him!

You can see the top of this concrete thing.  It is about 18" wide.

Market Street, I think.

Ferry Building

Second story rooftop garden.

We had a great time.  San Fransisco is a beautiful city.  I even bought a couple of things at a street fair.  I'll be showing those next time. 

Cheers!  Chris

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Dovecote

My best girlfriend & I spent last Friday night in San Francisco.  We had tickets to see Peter Pan, which was wonderful!  More about that part of the trip in an upcoming post.

Saturday morning, we headed down the peninsula to Woodside to one of my favorite spots, Filoli.  Last summer, when I was there, I took a ton of photos of both the house & gardens.  You can see those posts here:  House and Gardens

As we walked to the entrance of the home, I noticed something new!  As I got closer I could see that the structure was covered in succulents!  (I hope Julie over at A Succulent Life sees this!) 

Then, to my delight I discovered it was a dovecote!  It houses two pairs of white doves.  Both pairs were nesting in their little boxes inside, so I didn't get a photo of them.

Wouldn't you love to have one of these in your garden?  I sure would...

I wonder if I could talk my husband into building this??  Hey, Honey....

Enjoy, Chris

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A New Wallpaper Book!

My close friends all know that I LOVE wallpaper!  I'd have a house full of it, if I could convince my husband to help me hang it all.  As it is, I only have one papered wall in the entire house, in our dining area.

My favorite wallpaper is from Thibaut Wallpaper & Fabrics.  I visit their website at least once a week.  Their room photogarphy is eye candy for me.  I can actually spend a couple of hours looking through their photos, just dreaming. 

Yesterday, I took a quick peek and found A NEW COLLECTION is being released!  That made my day!

The new book/collection is called Shangri-La.  Let me tell you, it is beautiful!  Here's Thibaut's description:

"Fusing decorative styles from cultures worldwide, Shangri-La is a sophisticated presentation of beauty. The collection is comprised of thoughtfully selected linens, textured wallcoverings, supple chenilles and rugged cottons featuring coordinating and complimentary prints. Mystical in its appearance, the Shangri-La Collection translates global motifs into modern accents and elegant touches."

I already have a favorite picked out (Kirkwood) and am searching for a place to hang it!  Shhh...don't tell my husband!  Click HERE to see it in a room setting. 

Another favorite is Ivana with the coordinating fabric, Jakarta.  Click HERE to view.  I would love to do a guest room like that!  Those headboards are really cool!

So now you know one of my secret obsessions - wallpaper!  How about you?  Love it or is it "iks-nay on the aper-pay"?

Cheers!  Chris