Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Guess who?

Where have I been since April 3, 2012?  That’s a very long story; one that I will try to tell while keeping it as short as possible.

Last February, I was offered a contract job by a friend I had worked with previously.  He needed someone to help them get ready for a Quality System Certification audit, “probably in May 2012”.  Since that is one of the jobs I did in my former position, and since my dear husband said I NEEDED to do it, I took the job.  Writing procedures auditing processes to identify area where the company did not meet the requirements for certification.  Not complicated, but laborious, and dare I say BORING!
It is now December 4th 2012, and I am still working!  Let me say, I am thankful for the income this job has created.  But, my Tupperware and Biltmore Inspirations businesses have suffered badly.  Direct Sales is my true love!  I miss having parties, meeting new hosts and their friends.  I am truly a social person. J

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The final audit is going to happen in the January – February 2013 timeframe.  I’ll be able to go back to my life, and I can hardly wait!
My Tupperware business will be there, ready for me to build again.  Unfortunately, Biltmore Inspirations is closing business on Dec. 15th.  So sad…  I loved the product and their party format.

I have actually started a couple of other businesses, and I’ll place links in my sidebar, if anyone is curious.  It’s a “multiple streams of income” sort of thing.
But, here’s the biggest news.  We have decided to sell our home & 10-acre property.  It is heart wrenching to think of doing this, but it is the right thing to do.  We waited for years to build our home here, and we love it.  But, the fact is that my husband is just not able to take care of 10 acres.  And, I’m no good on a tractor!  At 75, he’s still pretty spry.  Not so spry that he can work all day in heat or cold to maintain the weeds, the buildings, etc.

I hate to leave, but our 8 years here have been glorious, and some folks never get the chance to live in the country.  I am thankful for mine.
Now, I’ll have a new house to search for, decorate & love.  The adventure continues…

I’ll be back soon with some other updates.  I hope some of you will still visit occasionally!