Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Modern Medical Miracles

My husband had his hip replacement surgery on Thursday, Oct. 4th.

He came home from the hospital on Saturday, approximately 36 hours later! Amazing what they can do with a bone saw & a few titanium do-hickeys! He was able to walk from the car, up the steps into the house all on his own with the aid of a walker.

He is having very little pain and had his first physical therapy session (at home) on Sunday. The PT said he is doing extremely well, and that he is about a week ahead of what she usually sees! His second PT appt. today went just as well. He is a trooper!

I am walking the fine line between loving wife & Nurse Ratchet…he won't drink water like he should and refuses to sleep in bed, preferring the recliner! Even after the PT told him that lying completely flat, IN BED, will help with his healing. So, aside from running to and fro, fetching and gathering, I am doing almost as well as he is! Except maybe the fact that I am waking up every couple of hours to go check on him during the night.

Oh, & then there are the daily injections of an anti-clotting drug I have to administer…yikes! My LVN experience was years ago, and I haven't given an injection since then! I was so peeved when he told me that the nurse at the hospital had offered to give me a refresher, which he declined, that I jabbed him a good one! He said, "WOW, I didn't even feel that!". I guess it's like riding a bike!

Yes, things in the our household are mostly good. I wish I could say that my diet was going splendidly. It's not...I have had little time to grocery shop and not much motivation to cook. I have managed to keep it low carb, but it hasn't been a very healthy "Stella Style" menu. I do think Ed is finally getting some appetite back, so that should help.

I'm thinking salmon for dinner, Ed will probably want grilled cheese. LOL!

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  1. Hi Chris - Glad to hear that your husband is coming along nicely... Remember to take care of yourself - the caregiver always forgets that they need attention also.

    Later when things slow down for you, maybe you can help me figure out how to post a photo at the top of a blog....



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