Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Closet Clutter!

When we lived in our last home, Ed & I each had our own walk-in closet. Mine was even big enough to set up the ironing board, with room to spare. I got spoiled! I was never forced to sort and toss old or out-of-style stuff. Isn't there some saying about "always expanding our possessions to fit the available space"?

Then, we moved to the country, into a house we love. Except for a couple of things: One master closet, half the size of the smaller of the two we had previously! Yikes! What a mess! And then, there is the fact that the door into our bedroom is smack-dab in the middle of the family room wall, allowing a direct view into the room from the kitchen and my comfy chair!

Ever the planner, I hit upon an idea one night when I couldn't sleep! Why not build a decent sized closet off the back of the bedroom, and move the bedroom door so that it enters through the former closet, creating an anteroom or foyer into the bedroom? For once, Ed didn't look at me like I had lost my last brain cell and agreed that the idea had merit! That was at least a year ago!
Here is my idea, marked on our floor plan.

Finally, a few months ago, we spoke to our favorite contractor about building the closet. He said, much to my delight, "if you're going to the trouble/expense to add the closet, it won't be much more money to make a sitting room too!". Now, if I had suggested that, I don't think Ed would have been so agreeable. It does make sense though, so...this is what we designed. It's a new closet AND a sitting room.

We are almost finished with the project! I have to say I am loving it! Here are a few pictures.
This is the door from the MBR into the new space. We removed the window and it is now in the new sitting room wall.

This is the door into the new closet, the new sliding glass door and a view into the closet.

Finally, a couple of pictures of the new paint color. (SW6211 - Rainwashed; it's on the same color strip as the bedroom color, which is SW6213 - Halcyon Green) I love the new color, and I am anxious to start cutting and sewing that 30 yards of fabric I have for these rooms!

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