Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Halloween Visitor

Look at who has come to bring us some Halloween cheer! I've named her Hazel Blanche, after my maternal grandma. Grandma was neither elegant nor witchy (sweet farm girl to the bone), but she would have gotten a kick out of this gal, and her name is appropriate, don't you think?

I found her at the grocery store, of all places. You know, sometimes it pays to poke around the floral department's back shelves.

I perched her, for now, on my pheasant pelt wreath and I'm looking for a small broom for her. I might just gather some twigs & grasses and make one...

She may be a witch, but she makes me smile! Bubble, bubble, toil & trouble...Chris


  1. She is a cute little lady with her skinny little legs. Love the wreather, too.
    Happy Thursday on this BOOtiful day ;-)

  2. she sure is special! I find some of my favorite things at the grocery store too!


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