Tuesday, April 6, 2010


So, I've been MIA, playing hookey, taking a break, incommunicado...one of those euphemisms for "I disappeared", and in a most ungracious manner at that!

Why is that you might ask?

First let me say it had nothing to do with any of my blog buddies.  I love you all! 

In fact, I have been sneaking peeks at your blogs all along!  Your posts bring much joy and entertainment into my days!

No, the problem is me! 
I could blame it on Seasonal Affective Disorder which I have had for years.  This year has been the worst!  I know it contributed to my funk, but to tell the truth, the real reason is, I got BORED!  With my own writing, my own photos, everything!  I didn't enjoy it and I couldn't imagine that you did either...

Well, the sun is shining again, there are new things happening in my life, and I'm ready to give this another try.  I hope you'll come for a visit occasionally.  I'll try not to bore us all to tears.  Deal?



  1. You don't know this, but in the beginning of my blogging, I actually deleted two blogs...this same one, A Succulent Life! After a few weeks each time, I restarted it and had to apologize to my blogging pals for disappearing. I have learned it is better just to stop, take a break, till feeling better or your mood breaks, and then come back. I had lost so many awesome photos, ideas, etc. when I did that. I'm glad you are still around, and you know I have never found you boring, since I found you here!!! Hope you are able to get some walking in the sunshine into your days. I have been trying to do that each day. You know one thing that makes me happy is walking through a garden...do you have one nearby you could walk in every day? I drop my dtr. off at college, and walk through a small garden area there nearly every day right after I drop her off....or I go to a garden center and meander around and look at all the pretties!!!
    Take care and see you around...
    xoxo- Julie

  2. Boy I do this quite often Chris, I feel boring so why should I write boring junk. But as with you it passes, thank heavens. Oh and thanks for visiting me.

  3. You know...my Mom and I both have that (we think). My tip is to open all of your blinds and get as much light in the house as you can. It really helps me. Sometimes just taking a break and walking away from the computer and going outside helps. Spring is here girlfriend!!!! May the sun shime brightly on you today ((hugs)) Susie~

  4. Back in January, I was feeling really BLAH too. Just bored with everything. Then the weather got nice (I swear, this has been the best spring I can remember in a long time- warm days, cool nights... and little rain!) and I slowly came out of my funk. I hope things start clearning up a little for you too!!

  5. What a lovely surprise to see you're back Chris!

    Things change and time moves one - know it's sometimes hard to keep this blogging thing going. No matter what though, there usually is something we can say, even if just a pic with a few added words.

    I had to quit my old blog ACROSS THE POND.......Google/Picasa messed up and I can no longer post pics on there.....so this is my new blog.

    Hope you will stop by......and so glad you have come back now Spring is here.

    Hugs - Mary

  6. Just checking in to say hi and hope you are doing well. Miss ya!


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