Monday, May 17, 2010

A Dovecote

My best girlfriend & I spent last Friday night in San Francisco.  We had tickets to see Peter Pan, which was wonderful!  More about that part of the trip in an upcoming post.

Saturday morning, we headed down the peninsula to Woodside to one of my favorite spots, Filoli.  Last summer, when I was there, I took a ton of photos of both the house & gardens.  You can see those posts here:  House and Gardens

As we walked to the entrance of the home, I noticed something new!  As I got closer I could see that the structure was covered in succulents!  (I hope Julie over at A Succulent Life sees this!) 

Then, to my delight I discovered it was a dovecote!  It houses two pairs of white doves.  Both pairs were nesting in their little boxes inside, so I didn't get a photo of them.

Wouldn't you love to have one of these in your garden?  I sure would...

I wonder if I could talk my husband into building this??  Hey, Honey....

Enjoy, Chris


  1. Oh, here I I am!!! What a beautiful little dove house! The succulents are really in a cool pattern, arne't they? I, too, would like to place an order with your hubby!!! Pretty please!!! :)

  2. Now that dovecote is the neatest thing. I bet it stays nice and cool in there for them. It looks like a succulent quilt on the side. I only have a few little hens and chicks that are not faring too well so I'm very intrigued.

    Thanks for letting me know what you are doing. I did half and half with my last post because I couldn't get the text to align on the left no matter what I did. But the new blogger allows pictures to be posted super large and very clear so I did like that part.

  3. I love the walls of that dovecote!

    I am now a follower!

    (I get one of those dovecotes for following--right?)

  4. OMG that dovecote is amazing! LOVE it!


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