Friday, July 30, 2010

Isn't this a great idea?

Sometimes, you need shade, but not necessarily a big table.  I know there are all kinds of heavy iron, stone & wood bases for umbrellas.  But this is just so pretty!  It adds more life and softness to this little destination.  I'd love to use this idea in my garden.

What ideas are you dreaming of for your outdoor spaces?  I'd sure like to collect more for my inspiration folder!

Cheers!  Chris


  1. Oh, I do like this! The table seems to sometimes push people apart, but this brings them together!

    I am dreaming that someone cleans my outdoor space--soon!

  2. Yes! I really do like this. Our table is so big for the small space we have. This would work so very well.

  3. This is such a great idea! I agree with you about the table part...a small table would be good though, or at least maybe drink holders in my chair!!! I am thinking of making up a nice seating area over by my flower gardens, so I can sit...and I would need a large umbrella for shade!!! Thanks for posting this...I will be on the lookout for any other ideas!

  4. Hi Chris. I'm Sharon (ii) from GI. I thought I'd check out some of the member blogs, and found yours! I love that umbrella stand idea. It looks beautiful! My only problem with it would be that it would be difficult to move, and I find that I move my umbrella around all the time! Oh well...that's just me. I love the look for sure!

  5. Hi Sharon! Thanks for visiting Refining Life. I left out part of the comment in the article about the umbrella stand. They said the the planter had a pipe in the center of it to insert & remove the umbrella easilty. In that case, you could have a planter anywhere you wanted it, and just lift the umbrella out & move it to the next one!

  6. Well in that case, it's pure genius! :)

  7. I love this idea - even though my umbrella goes through a table into a stand, this would be great for another area of the garden....

    ......speaking of which, is looking absolutely pathetic after this unbearably hot southern Summer! Everything has literally 'fried' and it's too hot and humid to even get out and do any cleaning up. Each day we pray for rain, fortunately two storms came through this week with quite a bit of heavy rain which has helped.

    Have a great weekend Chris.
    Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air


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