Friday, January 28, 2011

Family Farms or NO Family Farms? That is the question...

Okay, so you're not really into the Real Food, Traditional Food, Nourishing Traditions lifestyle, yet.


Do you ever purchase food from a Farmer's Market?  Do you even care that you are able to do so?

Do you want to continue to have the choice to buy from local farmers rather than industrial food (I use the term "food" loosely) operations where cruelty & sickness abound? 

Or, for that matter, do you wish to have the choice to buy your food from ANY place you choose?

Do you care that in many cases, the "foodlike substances"* that you purchase in your supermarket bear no resemblance to their traditional forms; that they have been genetically-modified to withstand tons of fertilizer & weed control to the detriment of any nutritional benefit?

Do you care that huge operations are feeding antibiotics and growth hormones to animals destined for our food supply and are still involved in recall after recall; yet they are allowed continue to produce sick food?

Does it bother you that small farmers who carefully manage their herds/flocks to be healthy, and produce food in the same manner as our great-grandparents did, are harassed and put out of business by our government?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, you need to go visit Ann Marie at Cheeseslave. She has a link to a podcast you must hear.  I know you'll be saying, "this can't be happening in America".  It is.  Small farm, big US gov't agency.  It isn't pretty! 

Could you EVER have imagined that family farms would need a legal defense fund?  OMG! Please consider if you might donate to the legal defense fund.  You can click on the buttons at Cheeseslave or right here in my sidebar.

Thank you!

P.S. Here are a couple of links to further enlighten you:

Morningland Dairy
Estrella Family Creamery

* Love this term from Michael Pollan's Food Rules!

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