Saturday, February 4, 2012

Valentine's Day Tree

I had a very hard time "undecorating" my Christmas tree this year.  In fact, I still have my Santa collection on display.  I never enjoy putting the Christmas thing away.  I think, because we went to my sister's home, in another part of the state, I didn't get enough TIME to spend with all the fun things that are part of my Christmas traditions. Does that make sense?

I unashamedly admit that my tree, it's artificial, is still in it's place with no decorations, but the lights.  I've still been plugging them in on evenings when we're in that room.  On Friday, I was in the Dollar Store and I grabbed a bunch of cheap inexpensive ($8) Valentine decorations and decided to put them on the tree!

The results are pictured below.  I may keep it up through St Patrick's Day & Easter.  There is a ton of cute stuff in that store!  I might even make a few ornaments myself. 

Once we get past Easter, it won't be getting dark so early.  Maybe I can put the tree away then?  But what about all the celebrations between Easter & next Christmas?  Can't you just see a 4th of July tree?  A pilgrim, pumpkin & turkey tree...

Oh dear.  Have I started down a dangerous path? 

Gotta find something for a skirt!

A closeup


  1. I think your Valentine's tree is adorable! I had a hard time putting away Christmas this year, too. It felt like December was such a blur that I left it up for most of January. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Very pretty, Chris! I have my 2 ft. tree up... decorated to V-Day too. I have painted some wooden hearts, and crocheted a few as well. The grandkids made paper chains and we have a few birds in there too! We have a drawer in my secretary that has all our holiday stuff for our little tree. After Easter, we go ahead with a "summer" tree decorated in 4th of July stuff...and as you said...until keeps going. We add some new fresh things each holiday too to keep it fun. Yours is very nice... and I like the lights on as a sort of night light in the livingroom, which we keep on day and night.

    P.S. I just washed my "Merry Christmas" rug at the front door and placed it there again...I just can't put it away.
    xoxo- Julie


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