Sunday, April 27, 2014

More "Before" Photos

It has been a busy week.  I'm packing one house and unpacking into another.  We've had new, water-saving toilets installed, had the front of the house repaired (where the plumber ran into it with his van), and the painting has been done in the entry, kitchen, living/dining room and hall. 

I guess I'd better get some more before photos posted, so I can show you what's new!  This is definitely too much white for me...

Entrance Hallway

Dining Area

Living Area - Back Wall

Living Area - "Alcove"

Hallway to Bedrooms

The painting is all of these spaces is done.  Patti The Painter will be back on Monday morning to do any touch up that is necessary.  I absolutely love the colors.  I'll post some shots of the rooms as soon as we get a bright day to show them off.  Tomorrow, maybe?


  1. Must feel good to have a clean slate to work with Chris……….I'm excited at the thought of seeing what colors you have chosen soon.

    Mary x

  2. I agree with Mary... I'm always painting over something ("I thought this said it would only take 1 coat!" - said on coat 3 of primer!). Getting some color on the walls will definitely make it feel more like yours!


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