Monday, February 18, 2008

A Makeover

It has been ages since I've written here! I really don't know where December & January went? All I remember is a happy whirlwind of family & friends, great food and drink, and all of a sudden - it's February!

Now that our MBR addition is complete, I am ready to really start decorating the room! I can hardly wait. It is an eclectic mix of furniture (that's putting it nicely) that will need to stay. So I will be repainting and repurposing it to make it fit my dream of and English Country-ish room.

I'll have some photos of the completed addition as soon as I can get my girlfriend over here with her digital camera that has a wide angle lens. I can't get a decent picture with my old Olympus dinosaur. I do have some of the bedroom furniture, paint & fabrics.

I am very excited to get started! There is a lot to do, but I'll show you what I have decided on so far!

This is a picture of our headboard. I have never really liked it, but I know I can change it to work in the room. I have thought of painting it, adding wooden appliques and "antiquing" it, adding cane or fabrics into the insets...but, with a little help from my friends, I have decided to paint it black! It will be perfect! Thanks Jim & Mary Ruth!

Now here is a BIG challenge! This Danish Modern dresser just doesn't work with my vision! More cyber discussion with my "design team" prompted me to find a dresser in a style I like to use as a model to rework this one. I will try to darken the finish to be similar, add the ring pulls in place of the wood knobs & replace the legs with feet similar to the ones on the "model". I think this could be the show-stopper in the room! Now all I have to do is make it happen!

This is my "model" dresser.

Finally, here are the swatches for the room.
The darker paint chip is SW 6213 Halcyon Green which is the color of the MBR & bath. I painted this color 3 years ago, and have never tired of it! The lighter chip is SW 6211 Rainwashed, which is what I just used in the new sitting room & the MBR foyer. It is a really gorgeous color!
The background fabric is a 30 yd bolt of fabric that I will use for the bed coverlet, shams and drapes. I walked into a local fabric store and it caught my eye immediately! But the best part of the story is that it was $3.95 per yard! Cool, huh?
The diamond fabric is for the bed skirt and probably a decorative pillow. I'll use the lattice fabric for the Euro shams and in another pillow or two. I am going to make fabric cubes to cover the night stands, which match the dresser, and place glass on the tops. I'll make them so they open at the front so that we can access the drawers and open shelf.

I have much more to "show & tell", but that is for another day. Besides, I'd better stop writing and get painting, sewing, shopping...


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  1. Chris I have 10 yards of the plaid in your photo...I used some of it for chair cushions on the patio in the Florida house. Love the colors..........cannot wait to see the dresser re-worked.


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