Saturday, April 26, 2008

Of Gardeners Great & Small...

First, my apology to James Herriot, who authored the "All Creatures Great & Small" books, for bogarting his title idea. I LOVE his books and if you haven't read them, you've missed a delightful experience!

Although we have had both very nice and very cold (for us) weather here in Northern California, we are now enjoying the warm-up that comes with Spring. With that, come the wildflowers. As I walked to the garage yesterday morning, I glanced across the lawn and the site of the Lupine struck me! Only the Great Gardener could have sown such a wonderous sight! The irrigation ditch that snakes through our property is fairly natural looking, discounting the galvanized crossing pipe, although it is man-made. I could never have done such a beautiful job of lining the banks in purple majesty, nor would I have thought to...

Bush Lupine

Every where I look, there are blooms popping up! These yellow flowers, which I haven't identified yet, are all over the property.

Even walking across the lawn, to the edge where the mower can't reach, yields small discoveries! These little beauties are nestled in the taller fringes.

I am sure wildflowers are a sign that God loves us! With no effort on our part, we are given such beauty to welcome Spring!

As for a gardener of the "small" variety, I planted the Iris pictured below in the bed by my front porch. I have 7 or 8 iris there, but only 3 are blooming, so far. The pink is named for Beverly Sills. I have lost the tags for both the two-toned blue & white one, so I can't provide their names. But they are lovely, even if anonymous!


  1. Pretty! I do love lupines! Unfortunatley, they don't do well in our heat and humidity. We have something that looks similar called false indigo. But no dephiniums and no lupines.

  2. Oh Chris , the iris are beautiful !
    Thank you for visiting my blog. It is so nice to meet you.I am looking forward to your pic for the "Mommie Tribute ".


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