Monday, March 24, 2008

The Gardening Bug!

It is time for a new garden! When we put the addition on to our master bedroom, it created an area that is shady all day! I am thrilled! Now, I can have a few plants that were never going to make it through the summer in our sometimes scorching heat!

The space is right outside the guest bedroom windows. Which by the way, I have decided would be a wonderful place for French doors. What a lovely thing for my guests, a “secret garden” to enjoy!

Above, is Japanese Maple "Corallinum". What you see in the picture is its spring foliage. It then turns to green in summer & crimson in fall! I'll be looking for this one!

I am envisioning a Japanese maple, hostas & ferns, and maybe even lily of the valley & English violas. It will be a cooler, shady retreat from the high summer sun. We even have a pond form just waiting to go into the ground. Could there be some Koi in my future? I certainly know our resident frogs will enjoy it!

I don't know the name of this pink Lily of the Valley. I had the photo saved in a "favorites" folder. I hope to find it too!

This English Viola is called "Etain" and it is gorgeous. It is available from a local nursery, so I should have no trouble getting my hand on it!

Hopefully, this beautiful hosta, named "American Icon" will find a place in the garden too!

We’ll have to fence it since the deer will dine on the hostas and the critters that prowl around at night will be after any fish in the pond. For that matter, we may need to put a net over it. The egrets & herons will be eyeing the fish too! Okay, maybe fish aren’t a good idea…I still like the idea of bamboo or reed fencing. It will suit the style I have in mind AND serve to discourage unwanted visitors.

Then there’s the matter of the big, ugly air conditioner condenser that sits against the wall. When I mentioned to my husband that we should move it, I got a sideways glance. I think it is going to stay, so I’d better be thinking of some kind of screen!

I am going to measure & lay out the space on graph paper and start planning today! More “adventures in the dirt” to follow soon!

Cheers! Chris


  1. Chris, That Etain is gorgeous! I just love your idea for a 'secret garden'! That will be so special! Hope I get to be a guest who sees it someday in real life!

  2. What wonderful ideas you have, and what beautiful plants. I love the hostas. I have never grown any, but I plan to soon.

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  4. I know I've told you this before, but I would come here just to listen to your music!

    That is the swwetest little Lily of the Valley. Poor me, I'm a terrible gardener!

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  6. Bee, I am so glad you enjoy the music! The "Bueno Funk" track is one of my favorites!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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