Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Fungus Are Among Us!

We have lots of Oak and Almond trees on our property.  After it rains, we often see "fairy rings" of toadstools around a tree or two.

For some reason, we had dozens of them appear in the last couple of days!  One tree in particular has so many toadstools it looks like they're (Fairies) planning quite a shindig after the sun goes down!

I'm thinking I might just see them if I check out there about midnight!  What do you think?

I wonder if they've invited the gopher who lives in that hole?

There are several clusters like this in the ring.

The cows aren't nearly as excited about this as I am!

I think this is the "throne" for a Fairy Queen or Mr. Toad, one or the other.

I'm imagining the party-goers will arrive like this.

Do you have fairies in your garden too?



  1. Sweet post Chris! I have not seen any toadstools lately, but I am quite sure little fairies are certainly enjoying themselves under your oak and almond trees.:o)

    Enjoy a lovely weekend dear friend.



  2. Those look like some funguys! (fungi!) hee hee. ;-)


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