Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Weeks in February

One of the the many blessings of living in the country is the view out my kitchen windows.  I can watch the neighbors cattle, my western bluebird families, tree swallows, humming birds, and assorted fury creatures, such as rabbits, squirrels (grrrr) and gophers (double-grrrr).  Occasionally, I see a coyote or bobcat wander through the yard.  And then there are the deer.  Love 'em...hate 'em, depending on their appetite for my plants.  LOL!

For two weeks in February, the critters are completely overshadowed.  Our 40+ almond trees burst into bloom and we live in a white-flowered wonderland.  The trees are scattered all over the property, so the "show" is everywhere, but especially outside my kitchen window.

I've taken a few photos to share.  All but one is taken out my kitchen window.  The other one, of our Almond Alleé was taken by my daughter.  It is actually her backyard.  (She also lives on our property.) 

Please forgive the fact that I didn't straighten and stage the kitchen counters. :o(

Can't wait to get going on the herb garden there!

It is so lovely to have this wonderful reminder that Spring is right around the corner!  Especially during the dull, grey days of February!

What beauty do you find outside your windows this time of year?


  1. How beautiful and a lovely reminder that spring (and blooms) are coming for those of us in the rest of the country! Thank you! Annie

  2. Just lovely! what a view..its so peaceful. I would love a view of the trees. My view from my kitchen window is the house across the street LOL. You are so lucky to have all this beauty around you..
    Have a sweet and hugs, Elizabeth

  3. Chris there is nothing prettier than an orchard of blooming almond trees, your Almond Alleé is especially beautiful.

    Out my window is a beautiful lake just begging to accept our kayak. That won't be till the water warms a bit more.

  4. Annie: I hope spring and blooms come soon for you!

    Elizabeth: We aren't too far. You and Gary need to take a drive sometime!

    Doodles: A kayak? You guys are just having too much fun! When do you head to Gunnison?

  5. WOW...I can only imagine how beautiful that would be to see every day out my windows!!! This time of year, I am tending my vegies, flowers and birdwatching in the sideyard...all so beautiful!!!

  6. Oh I have never seen almond trees in bloom. How lovely! I truly enjoyed seeing across your countertops to the world beyond...what great windows you have to look through while you are working in your kitchen. Spring can't be far if all this blooming is going on.

  7. what a terrific kitchie view! Thank you for encouraging my heart today.

  8. How beautiful your trees are! Every thing here is still pretty dry and asleep, with just a few things waking up. It's been so long since I have stopped by here.........sorry, life gets me sidetracked. Have a great weekend. blessings,Kathleen

  9. What?! You didn't straighten up the counters?! My counters should be so clean, even after they have been straightened.

  10. Beautiful Chris! What a lovely view you have from your kitchen window. My view is certainly not as grand as yours, but I do love the view right outside my little studio window.:o)

    Lovely post! Continue to enjoy a beautiful week and fabulous coming weekend.




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