Friday, April 1, 2011

On Hiatus

Hi Everyone!  Happy Spring!

As I told you HERE, I am in the middle of a career transition.  At the end of April, my full-time corprate job will end and my full-time Tupperware job will begin.  After having gone through ALL the possible emotions regarding this change at 62 years old, I can honestly say I am thrilled!

In the meantime, I have one job to finish and my YOB (your own business) to begin to ramp up.  I am placing many things "on hold" until May 1st.  Obviously, viewing the date of my last post, this blog is one of them.  I will be back though!  May 1st will be here before we know it. 

I'll catch up with you then...

P.S.  I have been advertising Tupperware on one of my favorite Decor blogs: Chic on a Shoestring Decorating, and she's hosting a Tupperware Chop 'n Prep Giveaway HERE.  Hop on over and visit her beautiful blog.  Tell her that Chris from Refining Life/Today's Organized Kitchen sent you, and I'll enter you in the drawing too!



  1. Big changes for you...lots to think about...many good wishes for success with the Tupperware. I'm hoping that you'll find more time to tuck in some fun here and there, too. Catch you in May...

  2. Hello Chris,it's been a while and I was thrilled to see your comment today! Wow, lots of changes in your life so sending best wishes that all works out fine (have a positive feeling it will) and you will be happy. Keep posting, I've put you back in my favorites and will stop by now and then..........between the hectic days which seem to keep me hopping more than ever! This aging thing is definitely not boring say I. I'll pop over again when I return from England in May.

    Hugs, Mary

  3. Hello Chris!

    Wishing you nothing but the very best! I would have never imagined you were 62 years young.:o) You must share your secret with the rest of us!

    You and your family enjoy a beautiful and joy filled Easter Sunday. Happy weekend you!



  4. Chis...where are you??? I miss you! Hope all is well.

  5. Chris, I'm back from the UK and popping over as promised but find you are not posting! Hope all is going well, that your blogging hiatus will soon end, and you'll tell us how your new business is going.

    Happy Independence Day holiday dear.



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