Thursday, April 4, 2013

How Would You Use This Stand?

Spring has me thinking of “sprucing up” my outdoor spaces. A patio, porch or deck is the perfect place to use pieces that are interesting (funky?) and functional too. This metal flower stand has so many possibilities!

Metal Flower Stand

Here a some of my ideas:

In the bottom basket, add a pretty green fern. Then place a few 2-inch pots of annual flowers in the top to give it some color. Johnny Jump-ups or pretty pansies would be gorgeous. Using small terracotta pots & pony packs of annuals would make it inexpensive. You can hide the pots with moss, and it will resemble a small garden. Tuck in a couple of miniature items an you’ll have a fairy garden!

You could also sit one beautiful orchid or a collection of small succulents in a dish in the top basket. They’d be easy to move when you wanted to add a bowl of ice & a few canned beverages or a bottle of wine for an outdoor meal. Leave the top bucket empty except for a small candle in a cute holder, sit it next to a chair & you have a cool side table to hold a drink. 

Not only for outdoors, the flower stand would be perfect in a powder room. Store extra toilet paper in the lower basket, and rolled guest towels & a small decanter with guest soaps or potpourri in the top.

So...what's your idea?


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  1. Such a versatile piece I love it! Here in Florida, it is nice most of the time, but when the driving rain and wind hit, it knocks everything over and damages hanging decorations. So, we have to stay simple or really tied or bolted down items. I see so many motivating photos I would love to try, BUT we need to stay conservative in our yard and patio decor.


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