Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Sister's New Blog

My sister Sallee has just started a blog.  It is titled The Grateful Years

You are going to enjoy it, I promise.

Sallee is very talented, if I might be able to brag some.  She is an accomplished artist, an author (2 published mystery novels to date), a gardener, a baker...you name it!

As soon as you have a few minutes to spare, hop on over for a vist and welcome her to blogdom!  Tell her Chris sent you. :)

Thanks for reading,



  1. Chris your sister couldn't be more talented than you are.

    Off I go................


  2. She's just being too modest. Thanks, Chrissy! BTW, why am I not surprised you're going to paint your cabinets? LOL.

  3. Why I will just pop on over to your Sis's new blog. You are a sweet sister. one I would be proud to have,
    XXOO Marie Antoinette


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