Sunday, December 15, 2013

An Update on Our Move

Two & a half months of having our home on the market has produced LOTS of traffic through the house. Unfortunately, we have received only one very low ball offer, with a contingency on the sale of their house, which we declined.

Apart from the daily upkeep & preparation "just in case", it hasn't been too bad.  We no longer leave the property when we have people looking, even though we have a lock box, just make ourselves scarce.  This is because we came home from a 3-day trip to find our front door wide open!  I can assure you that one realtor got a very stern scolding from our agent!

It is very likely that we will lose the home on which we have the deposit.  (Photos I recently posted.)  It is complete, and we are not ready to take possession.  On the other hand, they are willing to hold it for a short while, and Christmas miracles DO happen! :)

The good news?  There are lots of homes for sale in the are we want to live! 

You may not believe this, BUT, my best girlfriend has moved to a 5-Star mobile home park in Historic Folsom, CA, that I would love to live in.  Unlike any park you have ever seen, it is gorgeous!  That is an option that we are considering.  I plan to write more about it in a few days!

I'll leave you with a photo taken from my back deck.  Sunrise with out other homes to block my view will be one of the things I miss most!

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