Saturday, March 1, 2008

"Snow" Covered Trees

In my part of northern California, we see snow very rarely. I can't say that I miss the frigid cold, inconvenience or dangers that accompany a huge snowfall. But I will admit, that when family or friends share their winter pictures, the sight of a snow covered landscape can be so beautiful...especially the trees!

Here on our property, we have our own version of a early spring snowfall. We are blessed to have 40 almond trees. Very old trees, that are the remnants of an orchard planted at least three generations ago. Until we moved here here in 2003, it hadn't been cared for in at least 30 years. Truth be told, all we have had to do is some pruning. They are so deeply rooted that we don't even have to water them, despite our long, rainless summers! And every year, they faithfully produce enough almonds for our needs, and for the squirrels & crows to have their fair share as well.

February brings brings the blossoms and the bees! You can walk by a tree and it will be "singing" with bees busily doing their most important work! The fragrance is so sweet - strangely, this allergy-prone family doesn't react to the trees at all? The sight of 40 trees, covered in snow white blossoms can take your breath away! It is the closest I care to come to snow covered trees! *Ü*

I am sharing a few photos to remind all of us that spring is really just around the corner! The first three photos below are the trees right off our back deck and off to the west of the house. The last one is a plum tree that the birds "planted" across the irrigation ditch!

Enjoy! ~Chris~

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