Monday, September 22, 2008

Little "White Butt"

There are tons of fun things about living in the country. But one of our favorites is watching the neighbor's cattle. His hay barn and pasture is just a couple hundred yards off our back deck. We are forever being entertained as the cows (and an occasional bull) walk out to the pasture near us and then back to the pasture near his house. They do this several times a day.

It is a parade of sorts. There is always a leader, not necessarily the same cow. The leader walks, the almost single file line behind her walks. The leader stops, they all stop. It's a very orderly business, except for the unruly calves, UNTIL they get to the irrigation canal. Then it's every cow for herself! Water, dust & lots of pushing a shoving to get the best place at the "watering hole".

Every time we see a new little calf, it is, "Awww...look at the baby!". We have learned not to get too attached to them, this is a "working" ranch, and most they are sold off eventually. But, there are exceptions...

This cow, (I'm sure she wouldn't like this unflattering photo), has completely white hindquarters.

She delivers calves with the same markings. The very first time we saw one, someone said "Hey! Look at the calf with the white butt!" That calf became "White Butt". A most ungracious but fitting name. As each new calf from this momma has been born, it is called White Butt. There was a "WB II" in there once, but it just seemed easier to stick with White Butt.

Until now, all of her calves have been males. They are always certain to be leaving the ranch. But this year, we have a little girl. I know that each of us is secretly hoping she'll get to stay & make this ranch her home. We have even considered giving her a "prettier" name; Derriere Blac for instance.

Nope, she's just gonna be Little White Butt. Sweet thing that she is!

Enjoy! Chris


  1. I love little calves!! I'm always look "Oh look! A new one!" when we drive past the cows by our house. Mr. C's dad raises a couple of cows and I always look for the babies when we go over there (although their fate is often the same as your calves, so I don't get to attached).

    I love the white butt. That's such a neat marking!!

  2. That's such a sweet story, Chris! I hope Little White Butt gets to stay.

  3. Hi Chris!
    I absolutely LOVE cows! They are so wonderful and interesting, so many types. White Butt is adorable! Very cute post Chris!!
    Thanks for advertising my giveaway!! Your name has been entered twice!
    Good luck Sweetie!!
    Hugs, Sherry

  4. The title of this post alone cracked me funny! What a fun, happy post, Chris. Happy week ((HUGS))

  5. Cute and funny post, Chris! I hope you had a great day...

  6. Cute little white butt! LOL!!!

    Thanks for the visit and comment on the B& my latest post says, we finally heard from them and they have decided NOT to charge us the $25.


  7. I loved to hear about the cows you see every day. Where you live sounds like such a beautiful place!

    Your blog looks great, Chris!! I love the green. I love it!!

  8. What lovely scenery you have. Those cows must be fun to watch! :)

  9. I love baby calves also. We have ranch land across from us and it is all full of black cattle. No white butt as of yet! LOL. blessings, Kathleen

  10. I'm so sorry! I really should have gotten dressed before I went outside!!! Really, this looks MUCH like me!

    I just love cows! My grandfather used to raise them and was quite successful at it, but that was "many moons" ago. Thsy scare me senseless when I get too close, though! I still love to look at them.



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