Monday, November 10, 2008

3 Good Ideas and a Dud!

Although I don't do it as often as I'd like, I LOVE to visit model homes. It's fun to see the color schemes, window treatments & accessories. I especially like to see how designers re-use and re-purpose elements that you know came from a previous model complex. These folks are really creative, and with few exceptions, I always enjoy their work.

My master bedroom isn't "done". In fact, it isn't even started, because I can't figure out what to do with my headboard! So that is one of the things I always notice in model homes. Most are just headboards of one type or another. Occasionally I see something really grand or especially clever that goes into my inspiration file.

Here are 3 examples that I thought were great. And the 4th, you be the judge!

First we have a girl's room. This simple bookcase, fit snugly between two free-standing side tables creates a built-in look and a perfect place to layer pillows as the headboard. I love the hanging pendant lights which free up the table tops!

This second example uses moulding, paint and a great piece of art to create the illusion of a headboard.

In this third room, the whole wall behind the head of the bed is covered in tongue & groove paneling, unexpectedly placed on the horizontal. This would be great in a cottage-style room.

Now...for the dud! What is this all about? I walked into this room and stared at this wall thinking, "what are they trying to cover up there"? The fabric wasn't special in any way, the pleating was messy, the whole thing reminds me of hospital bed curtains! The art is too small, even in a group, and the chains gives the room a "dungeon" flair! Ugh! I could hardly believe it was done by the same designer.

What do you think? Am I way off base about the last room? I'll admit the idea has possibilities. But for me, this room is just ugly!

Note: (The bedspread was "arranged" by the two little boys whose parents weren't paying any attention as they jumped on every bed!)



  1. oh man that last one is pitiful...that yes screams what were they thinking.

    Bee would like the beadboard one I'm sure. I would like to see the first two combined in some how the artwork is incorporated.

    Yep we are model home visitors quite often as well.

  2. I lvoe the first room. It's given me a few ideas.
    I've been meaning to tell you I love your music. Dave Brubeck has always been a favorite of mine.

  3. Hi Chris , I especially like the second one . That is so simple but looks so great. I will have to remember this one .
    Thanks for visiting me, have a blessed day.

  4. I like alternatives to headboards but when I see lots of fabric covering walls like this, I always think about the dust that settles into it - ISH. It seems it takes no time at all for curtains to become dusty! No, I wouldn't ever choose fabric for a wall. PAM

  5. I love the first room. There is so many ways to decorate when you have shelves. Blessings, Kathleen

  6. Oh, I am so with you on number four. Major yuck! What were they thinking?!

    I need to finish our master bedroom, too. I'm missing the wow!

  7. Bee does love the beadboard one, for sure. I was kind of thinking of doing that, but I was going to do it the more predictable way.

    The other two were great ideas, also. I liked them a lot.

    That last one looked just plain messy; like somebody who'd ridden in a car all day and the seat belt had wrinkles up their clothes. Not only are the pictures small, but they look kind of wobbly. Could be a good idea, but wasn't carried out well.

  8. Hi Chris,
    Haven't been here for a while. I love your new template. My fave is the first photo...looks neat!

  9. Hi Chris
    I like to visit model homes too! Just wanted to let you know that I am going to list all the participants for thankful Thursday on the actual post.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  10. Chris,
    I do like the first one, it has a 'winged-back' feel so you can actually lean your pillows at an angle (so can DH) and you can actually carry on a conversation and see each other while reading. Or if your TV is at an angle view, you can see it more comfortably. I also like the 'nesting' feeling that the pillows have when there is something to hold them at that winged area.

    Love the pendant ideas too, and the tables are right there. Would be great to create a continuous counter from the headboard wall to the existing wall (may be long if wall is 6' away for example) and that gives you a place to hang book shelves above near the corner.

    I guess I should draw something and then send it to you! I love that you are really thinking about how you actually use the space and customize it for you not just for appearance. Of course it will come out beautiful and stylish like you always do!


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