Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Empire Mine - Garden Tour

This is the final installment of The Empire Mines Tour. The highlighted text below will take you to the previous posts.

We have toured the mine & mineyard, the lawn area and the front of the owner's cottage and the owner's cottage, now we will visit the gardens!

The gardens were pretty & green, but we were too late in the season to see much in bloom. It was a warm day, and the stroll along the paths was enjoyable. I must make it a point to visit in late spring or early summer. That rose garden will be spectaular!

As you look over the decorative iron railing surrounding the fron lawn, we there is a terrace watercourse that leads down to a reflecting pool. Love the waterlilies!

Next, we take a walk to the back of the cottage, heading down into the walled garden. These are views of the back of the cottage, the brick steps to the carriage path and carriage house.

The following are photos I took of the structure of the garden, and what I could find that was blooming.

View of the cottage from within the rose garden. The very back rose, next to the vine-covered wall is a Cecil Brunner that has been in the garden since the 1890's!

This is an antique China rose called "Old Blush". The lead master gardener (all volunteers) told me it was her favorite.

There are iris beds and a fish pond at the bottom of the garden steps.

The purple coneflower and the sunflowers still blooming!

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Cheers! Chris



  1. Hi Chris!
    What a beautiful place! Thanks for taking us on the tour with you. I LOVE to go places like that!! so interesting and peaceful.
    Have a good weekend!
    Hugs, Sherry

  2. I love the first picture. My 'thing' recently has been for the manicured bushes. I'm thinking about putting some in at the lake house! Thanks for the tour!

  3. Hi Chris
    Thanks for stopping by my giveaway. I sure wish I could have given a prize to everyone! That sure is a beautiful place. Thanks for the tour.
    Hugs, Rhondi

  4. What a beautiful place! Wish I could visit there someday! Thanks for giving us all a tour. blessings, Kathleen

  5. Chris,

    What a lovely tour. I love all the stone walls etc. I can imagine a pleasant time just walking in the gardens.



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