Friday, November 6, 2009

A Fun Gift Idea!

Disclaimer: As many of you know, I am a Star Manager with Tupperware. I very occasionally bring something over from my Tupperware Blog to Refining Life if I think it's a wonderful recipe, good sale or just great info. The following is one of those posts. So if you are in anyway annoyed by this type of posting, here's your chance to give it a pass.

Tupperware is always providing us with great time, money & space-saving ideas. I know this one isn't new, but I think it's pretty cute.

If you aren't into Tupperware, (you're not? *Ü*) this would be really cute made in a great old canning jar with a circle of Christmas fabric tied to the top.

In this case, it is presented in a Tupperware spaghetti dispenser, which is a cool kitchen tool. The special insert allows for easy spaghetti pouring and measuring. Great for breadsticks too! Contents stay fresh and quantities visible. It's a clear container with choice of seal color: Passion (red) or Brilliant Blue.

You'll find the Spaghetti Dispenser and all of Tupperware's Modular Mates® containers on MY WEBSITE, listed under "Storage".

Would you like some printable tags with the recipe? Just go to & sign up for my monthly newsletter on the right side of the home page. I'll email you some cute tags that have "To & From" on the front and the recipe on the back. You can print these 3"x5" size tags on card stock, punch a hole & tie them onto your container.

Enjoy! Chris


  1. Hello Chris!

    First let me say thank you so much for the kind words in your previous post, thank you so much.:o) I tell you the support in blogland is like none other, and filled with the sweetest and most wonderful women ever. Thank you.

    I love Tupperware but have to admit I have not had any in a while. It is a wonderful product. Many have tried to copy it, but none is like Tupperware.:o) I must visit your Tupperware blog as soon as I leave here. Chris you and your family enjoy a beautiful weekend. Your little gift will be arriving soon. Again, thank you so much!



  2. I've seen brownies in a jar -- but this is a neat twist. Thanks for sharing!


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