Saturday, November 7, 2009

Goodbye Norm!

This is going to be a difficult day for our family. My BFF Kathy (a sister from another mother) is hosting a memorial service for her husband of 30 years.

Norman Lee Wood (born 1/1/42) passed on October 13, 2009. He had been ill. So, while not a complete shock, it is so very sad for us. My heart aches for his wife & son. It also aches for myself & my family, because he was "family".

"Nor-man", we love you & we'll miss you so...



  1. No matter how expected the loss, it still hurts to lose someone you care about. I'll be thinking about y'all today and pray that, together, you'll find comfort in the memories.

    It's really good to see you.

  2. I'm sad for you all. This will be a time to share memories of him. C.

  3. Prayers are going up from Texas for you and the family. Loss and parting are a sad time...but not as without the Lord.
    I bow to the Red Hat Queen, love the phrase 'as I deem it!' May become my new thang.
    Blessings, Grace, & Peace...

  4. Just remembered I forget to mention...
    my maiden name was Wood. Probably not the same tribe. ;-)

  5. You never know Candy! I am constatly amazed at how "small" the world is...

  6. Blessings for you Chris and your friends and families


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