Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Love These Ideas!

Remember the beautiful Japanese Maple tree we just brought home to our garden? I purchased it at my very favorite garden, High Hand Nursery in Loomis, CA. This isn't just a nursery, it's a destination!

While we were waiting to make our purchase, I snapped a few photos with my cell phone. The picture quality isn't great, but these items just fascinated me, and I wanted to share them.

This tall ceramic pot is planted with succulents. The top is planted similar to a "rock" garden. Then on the sides the holes have a small "hen and chick" type planted at the top & a burro tail planted below. It is going to be spectacular when it grows in some. Did you notice the iron bench with the planted seat beside it?

The nursery has the largest collection of garden art actually in use, that I've ever seen. Below, this planter had just one bronze flower in it, but it was very striking.

Speaking of bronze garden art...Who could resist this snail baby? I think this might be coming home with me if it's still there when I go back the next time!

Oh boy! Do I love what they have done with this old stove! Again, they've used succulents here, but there is another in the garden, which during the spring and summer is planted with very colorful annuals.

But this is my very favorite. It is beautiful in its simplicity. They have takes a piece of bronze wall art, a lily blossom, and laid it face-up in a clay pot, then planted moss around it! Simply gorgeous! And it wouldn't be difficult to duplicate.

I plan to go back to High Hand Nursery for a longer visit, with a better camera soon. There is the Cafe in a beautiful conservatory, the shops in the old fruit packing shed and even a gallery featuring local fine arts. There is just so much to see! By the way, the folks who work in this nursery are not only experts, they are genuinely nice people! And the food in the cafe is delicious, seasonal, and a work of art on a plate!

I linked to their website in the first paragraph of this post. You have to check them out. And if you live in the area and haven't visited, you must!

Enchanted, Chris


  1. Hi Chris,
    Oh my, how adorable is the baby snail!. I have never seen this before. What a great nursery and a lovely way to spend an afternoon, just strolling through the gardens and dreaming!.
    Have a great day,

  2. Thanks for that comment today girlfriend! Now I know Im not alone in this world...hehe

  3. Hi! Just loved all of the pretty nursery/garden shots! Blessings,Kathleen

  4. Hi there! I found your blog through a "Google Alert for "succulents"...I must explore more of your blog! I love how you showed all of these gorgeous things you encountered at the nursery! The snail and stove are my favs! Love, Love, Love!!! I think you MUST pick up that snail ASAP! LOLOL. Take care...

  5. OOO, I just fell in love with the little snail cute. And the old stove..
    What a fun place to buy your plants...
    xo bj


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