Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday Morning Fun at High Hand Nursery

You may know by now that one of my favorite places is High Hand Nursery in Loomis, CA. I have mentioned it HERE.

This past rainy Saturday morning, my friend Nancy & I took a class at the High Hand Flower Shop. The class was called "A Fanciful Garden" and we had a very good time! The Flower Shop is a recent addition to High Hand. It is located in the historic fruit-packing sheds and it is a delight to behold.

The structure of the building is so interesting and the design and merchandising of the shop is really wonderful. I've included some of photos below.

I like this very tall Scheffelera plant, and this view shows the metal walls of the shed.

Here's another view of the interior structure. Isn't that topiary dress form wonderful.
I need that!

Not exactly sure why, but I took a fancy to this corny vase!

I just had to show you this beautiful white hydrangea.

I am especially drawn to the succulents. What a variety!

This one is so interesting. It's called Table Aeonium.

The purpose of the class was to learn about the method and plants suitable for a container garden. For the price of the class, we had many nice pots and varieties of plants to choose from. Of course, Nancy & I both "upgraded" to larger pots and I added additional plants! I'm telling you, when you get me in that place, I just can't stop finding things I love...

We both chose from the evergreen plants; dwarf pines, junipers, cedars, etc. I think I'm going back for a succulent garden though. I took photos of most of the container gardens made in the class. I think you'll agree they turned out well, even if my photography isn't so wonderful!

The first two are from other "students". Cool, huh?

This one belongs to my friend Nancy. Love that pot!

This one is mine. You'll notice that there is some bare dirt in a couple of them. That is because the little plant with the red berries, Cotoneaster, needs room to spread.

Do yourself a favor. Go play in the dirt!


  1. Chris~~~

    This looks like an awesome nursery~it is huge!! What a wonderful idea to take a class. I loved the tour, and I too love the succulents, they seem a bit easier to grow indoors for me. Some neat ones there.

    I love your pots. I don't know about the price of the class, but it sure looks like you get to take some nice plants and pots home. Wonderful work by you & Nancy!!

    Happy holidays and thanks for stopping by! :-)


  2. Good morning Chris, thanks for stopping by the farmhouse today! I love hydrangeas but have never seen a white is very pretty!

    I am not a very good "gardener" but I do like to play in the dirt! My first vegetable garden was a pretty good success but other priorities took the time for that this year. Maybe this coming up year will be better!

    Have a great day! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hello Chris: Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I'm with you, I really like that corny vase. Has such a wonderful whimiscal look to it. My dad would have loved spending the day with you at the garden shop. He loved flowering gardens and had a super sized green thumb...he could make anything grow. Wishing you a lovely Christmas season. Sea Witch

  4. What a wonderful nursery! I can see why it is your favorite place! blessings,Kathleen

  5. Hi Chris!!! Yes, indeed...I love your blog background!!! LOL! I really love the pot you made at your class! That nursery is one AI vist quite often online!!! All of the pots are unique and so pretty! I wish I could have been there with you!!! I got my collards planted today (seeds) and got pics...will post later this evening! Can't wait to see what I get!!! See ya later...Julie

  6. Oh, Miss Chris!
    What lovely photos! I wish that I knew more about gardening. I especially need to "get" the vegetable gardening down (since HHH built me the most precious garden area!) Can you help????

    I've heard that one of my grandmother's had a/THE green thumb, but she passed away when I was only 2 so I never had the chance to learn from her. I could really use some of her expertise... EVERYONE should have grandparents, shouldn't they?

    I loved both containers that you and your friend chose, but yours would fit in anywhere (being a neutral color)! And you're so smart to know not to crowd it - because of the growth. You will keep showing it as it grows?
    I love watching progress!

    Merry Christmas,

  7. What a neat place to visit! Winter is when I really crave the green, growing things!

    The corny vase it neat!!


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