Friday, August 20, 2010

Mother Nature 1; Chris 0

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time looking at gardening books, magazines and web pages.  It is beginning to cool down here and my thoughts always turn to the garden this time of year.

Our vegetable garden was a mostly a bust this year.  Every cucumber was bitter, the ground squirrels (we have at least a hundred of them) got every tomato, and my zucchini produced not one squash!  Can you believe it?  Zucchini, which I am usually giving away by the basket full, DID NOTHING!

The corn is ready and the few ears we have tasted are good.  The squirrels don't seem to like the eggplant, so perhaps we'll get a few of those.  Basically, I'm just finished with the vegetable garden for this year...

On the bright side, I have developed some plans to rework the landscaping around the house.  I've been trying to turn what is basically California pasture land into an English garden.  NOT WORKING, the grass always wins! So, I am going to defer to Mother Nature and try to do thing "her way"!

The photos below show one idea I intend to incorporate on a blank wall between our two back decks.  Don't you love it?  A trellis similar to this will provide interest without giving the grass any place to grow!  There, take that you darned grass!

I realize that a structure like this will require maintenance to stay looking nice, but I am willing to do that.  Maybe the whole garden needs to go vertical??  Ha!

What gardening challenges have you had this year? 


  1. You go girl! This is a really neat idea!

    My gardening challenges, other than extreme heat here, were that my pink eyed peas did not do as well as I wanted to and I had to battle the leaf miners. My eggplants were just too hot, so I finally moved them to shade and in a pot of good soil. In two days now they are looking better. Do you know if eggplants can be kept going year round? I sure would like to keep them going if I can!

    Sorry to hear about all your gardening plights this year...the zucchini not showing up was sad.

    Well, I think your fall garden will do much better! We must think positive, eh?

    It is almost September now, and I must start deciding what to plant in October here...hmmmmm.....

  2. Cris, I wish I could have met up with you while in California, definitely next time! No, didn't get to those falls you mentioned but soon I'll post on the flight around Lassen Volcanic National Park which was awesome!

    As for your garden, sorry things suffered so this season. Here in hot/humid NC it was a struggle too - we did get lots of tomatoes and cukes but many were stunted and cracked from the temps. and and awful heat. May be our last venture into veggies - too much work and hand watering required in miserable conditions, yes, mosquitoes are awful too!

    Love your plan for the wall, hope it works out. Like here in NC, trying to maintain an English garden is hopeless - guess I'll have to move home to England if I want that, ha!ha!

    Getting sorted out now I'm back home - your California was so fabulous!
    Hugs - Mary

  3. This is lovely Chris! A beautiful garden wall indeed:o) What fabulous idea!! Happy week to you!



  4. Wow! Would love to give it a try also, however, I think I'll check back with you to see yours.
    I don't think we will have a fall garden this year but planning our spring garden already.

    Irma :)

  5. I really hope you can get to England some day Chris - know you wouldn't be disappointed!

    Thanks for the nice comment on my seaside pics - I do hail from a beautiful area on the English Channel and really still miss it after all these years. Next trip home will be in May next year - can hardly wait!

    Happy Labor Day holiday weekend.


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