Friday, September 3, 2010

From the Frame Shop...

I thought you might like to see what's been going on in my frame shop.  My girlfriend Patti & I framed some prints and fruit-packing box labels for ourselves.  We are our own best customers! *Ü*

This first print is mine.  It is called "The Emporer's Horse".   I think it is destined for my sitting room.

Next are two fruit-packing box labels that Patti will hang in her den which is right off the kitchen.

Finally, this small "poster" from Santa Cruz, CA Beach & Boradwalk is for her son-in-law.  He purchased it years ago, and it's been in a drawer ever since.  It's going to be a birthday gift!

Have you framed anything lately?


  1. They're all beautiful, Chris. I especially like the swallow print! Annie

  2. Great framing - you gals are GOOD!
    I hope to frame at least a few of my best Africa shots. I actually purchased a couple of frames yesterday at Target but am returning as they are too large. I wanted wide mats, but around 8X10 prints it means the finished thing is so big and I just don't have much empty wall space! I'm thinking perhaps four in matching frames in a symmetrical display at the foot of the staircase - that's about the only area available. I'm considering just readymade frames because I could then swap out prints when I want a change.

    Have a fabulous holiday weekend. Now Hurricane Earl has passed on by the coast we have sunshine back and the temps are a wee bit cooler, thank goodness.

    Hugs - Mary

  3. These are really pretty! I love your horse!

    I am not a picture person...the last thing I framed was digital pics in a digital frame! I need to get my card uploaded with all new photos!

    My friend loves framing pictures and photo albums...but all my photos are digital now! What is my problem??? LOLOL!

    Take care, Chris!!!
    xoxo- Julie

  4. Yes I have! A dear friend in her late 70's gave me a old book on wild flowers, it has the most beautiful photos of watercolors done in the 40's. I framed 3 of them for my master bathroom. I love the art you and your partner framed, so interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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