Monday, September 27, 2010

Do You Love a Good Mystery?

If you're a mystery buff, I have a good one for you!  It is also very important that we solve this one.  It has baffled learned men and women for several years.  However, I have the utmost confidence in blogdom.  I'm pretty sure there will be some very interesting theories and perhaps, even a super sleuth to solve it!!

It started about 4 years ago.  My 67 year old husband called me from work, saying he felt terrible.  He was dizzy, "sweating like a pig" (I've heard that pigs DON'T sweat, by the way.  But I digress...), and he had intestinal issues".

I jumped in the car and by the time I arrived at his job, I was concerned enough to insist he go to the emergency room.  Once there, they did all the tests that they felt were necessary based on his symptoms, and declared that they couldn't find anything out of order with his heart, brain, blood sugar, etc., and sent us home with  "Might be some virus".  Right.  He continued to have these spells occasionally for months.  His personal physician did more lab work, checked his ears and another CAT scan. 

By chance we were discussing these "spells" in a group of friends, and a girlfriend mentioned that she had a relative who had the same symptoms.  It turned out to be his blood pressure medicine, Lisinopril.

Ah Ha!  Guess which blood pressure medication my husband was taking?  Yep, Lisinopril!  The doctor changed his more spells.  All's right with the world.

Fast forward to the present.  About 6 months ago, the spells came back.  Same symptoms, same diagnosis.  Changed BP meds again, but this time, spells continue.  Grrrr!  Doctor has again done all the tests done previously, and can't find anything.  At this point, he is taking no BP meds and the spells continue.  One change has occurred.  The spells instead of lasting long hours and knocking him out for 2 days, are of much shorter duration and he is usually feeling well again after a few hours.

He has been to the doctor numerous times and has lost confidence that they can figure this out.  I believe he isn't making enough noise!  The last visit, his doctor said "at least your dizzy spells aren't life threatening". 


So here are the facts & a few clues.  Let's hear your theories.  I'm willing to try anything....
  • DH is now 72 years old, is generally very healthy, and is taking no meds except Zyrtec for allergies
  • His symptoms are dizziness, profuse sweating and intestinal distress during the spell, followed by a time of feeling "really tired".
  • He has had a couple of CAT scans, fasting blood work and blood chemistry labs
  • Been to a ENT to check for inner ear problems.  (He does have hearing loss and has hearing aids which he won't wear.)
  • Eating when he first feels dizzy sometimes helps, sometimes doesn't.
  • Soda, and an occasional beer is his hydration preference.  He is now getting at least 4 glasses of water because I take it to him and say "drink".
  • He is active.  Works in his shop and on his tractors every day.
Because the spells have become less severe and shorter, and the fact that it has only been about a month since he quit taking the BP meds (doctor approved), maybe that's it. I don't think so.  I believe there is something else going on. 

I am putting you, the Family of Blogger Investigators, on the case!

Hopefully, Chris 


  1. Have they checked him for vertigo? Just a thought. Keep pressing the doctors and/or ask to for a second (or third) opinion. I've learned that with the medical community that the squeeky wheel gets the greese.

    Good luck.

  2. Hi, Miss Chris!
    I'm on my hubby's computer - he brought your sight up for me! He said to say, "Hi!", from him, too.

    I'm so sorry to hear about your husband not feeling well. I wish that I could help. I often have dizzy spells and sweat like a "pig" with my heart rate accelerating (if I don't sit or lie down immediately, I pass out) - but I neither take blood pressure medicine nor go to the doctor. So I'm not sure if we suffer from the same "thing". I sure hope your hubby gets better, soon and we'll be saying prayers for him!

    I'm also so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law and your sweet puppy. What a heart wrenching time for your sweet family. I'm happy that you were able to get together with other family members to remember the good things and the good times with your brother-in-law. Y'all are so positive! That is so admirable.

    Your poor garden! Mine was a bust this year, too. We started out great....everything so green and beautiful...then we began work on the remodel and kaput. I neglected it and the weather... we've had such a dry year. But the fault really lays at my feet.
    I just wonder if I'll ever figure it out??? I'm going to be watching yours next year and learning from you - you still have so much to share!

    I miss fabric stores, too. And our local Wal-Marts are shutting down their craft and fabric departments. Only 1 still has theirs and it doesn't have much selection at all. Thankfully there's 1 fabric store about 30 minutes from here. I don't get by often (not hubby's favorite spot!).

    Okay, hubby needs his computer back - got some work stuff to do - but I'm so glad that I was able to visit with you! My computer STILL won't open your blog????

    Thank you, again, for letting me visit!
    Many Blessings,

  3. Hi Chris! So sorry to hear about your BIL and Dusty.

    I take Lisinopril for BP also and have had some of those symptoms...the sweating, dizziness, sluggishness and stomach upset, but I have found out that when this happens to me it's because my sugar levels have dropped and I need to eat something because I'm also diabetic. Is your hubby diabetic?

    Irma :)

  4. We need to get Agatha Christie or Hercule Poirot sleuthing about to solve this mystery!! I've not heard of symptoms such as your DH's but just hope the medical facility you use will continue to try and find out what's happening. Keep on at them constantly for a diagnosis.

    So very sorry to learn of your BIL's death - then losing your dear pet. I hope the arrival of Autumn will cheer you and that life will be better.

    Warm hugs - Mary


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