Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One More Holiday Photo

I wanted to post one last Holiday photo.  This is me, second from the left, and 3 of my TW friends, all "blinged out" at our TW Holiday party.  The reason for this photo is two-fold.

First, I want a record of what I look like now.  I am seriously going to get some weight off this year!  There will be more posts about THAT subject as the year progresses, I'm sure!

Second, and most importantly, I want a visible reminder of what a really awesome day that was.  I earned it as a reward for my efforts in my business.  I loved it!  I want that again!

You see, I have failed myself, my family, my team and my company.  I have gone from my highest high, to a new low.  I start this month with only one active consultant on my team.  I am no longer in leadership in our organization.  My self-esteem and my income are in the tank, folks!  Worst part, I let it happen.  Darn!

I will be using this photo to help me stay on track to rebuild.  Kind of like "muscle memory", the feelings of that day, the recognition, the fun, the feeling of accomplishment, I hope will carry me through some challenging days ahead!

I'll probably be talking Tupperware a little more than I have previously.  Not as a sales pitch, but as an integral part of my life.  This is my livelihood, and I need to get it right, again!  If you are offended or turned off by such talk, I apologize, and ask you to bear with me.  Being able to write my thoughts here, is going to be a help to me.   I hope you'll chime in when you have something to say.  That will help me too!

Okay, enough of that!  Let's all get on with the challenges and fun that life has for us in 2012!


  1. Chris, you look so pretty in that picture!

    Good luck with your goals for this year - with as hard as you work, I have no doubt you'll be successful.

  2. Chris, you DO look beautiful here but, like many of us, the struggle with keeping the pounds off gets harder as we get older.............so dear one, you are not alone! I kickstarted last year with Atkins which worked quite well as I dropped 12 lbs. in just over a month, didn't feel starved, just felt so much better, had more energy, and loved how I was able to get back into size 12 pants!!!! Fortunately I'm tall, 5-8, so can carry a few extra pounds, however I want to be healthy and feel comfy in my clothes so I'm trying to lose another 10 lbs. this year. Traveling makes it harder to eat small, however I have found I didn't gain any weight while on the go........it just tends to creep back on when home again and being near the kitchen!

    So good luck with TW, your eating plan to lose, your healthy, happy and prosperous 2012...........be good to yourself.

    Hugs - Mary

  3. Chris Happy New Year and a Happy New You................I'm looking at doing the same.


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