Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Whew!  I have been meeting myself going & coming!  Don't know how I get myself booked up like this sometimes.  I really am trying to do better, but...

This post is going to be a potpourri.

My Business
I had a great Tupperware party last night.  The host and most of the guests were young moms.  Out of 10 girls, 6 had never attended a Tupperware party!  Most said they didn't really cook.  Hard for me to imagine!  How do you raise a family without cooking?  Fast food?  I am determined to change that.

My "Busy Mom's Cooking Class" taught them how to cook a whole Rotisserie-Style chicken in the microwave, in 30 minutes or less.  The result, tasty & moist chicken, ready for tacos, chicken Caesar salad, fajitas, you name it!  My very favorite part of my business is the teaching aspect. 

My sister and her son and another nephew (+ two rambunctious dogs) will be here this weekend.  It will be a houseful, but I am going to love it.  My sister & I both belong to the wine club at a local winery very near us.  We will need to go tasting, for sure!  I am thinking about making Cincinnati Chili for the crowd.  We'll see.  BBQ'd tri-tip is so much easier! :)

Just Stuff
I have a board on Pinterest (Christine Fetter if you care to follow) that I named Potpourri.  Sometimes, things just catch my interest and they don't fit into any other board. 

I was looking at it this morning.  I have to limit myself to 30 minutes in the early morning and late evening.  It is very easy to waste HOURS there!  Anyway, what I post there is really an odd collection of things.

Such as:

This is Joe Salatin.  A farmer, a hero!  He's challenging the way our food is produced.

Amazing tips.

Cool DIY ideas.

A new hairstyle.

Ideas for unleashing compassion.

Tiny house ideas. (Why am I so drawn to these?) 

Daily inspiration.

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  1. Fabulous post Chris - several ideas am nicking for the future, like marking the electrical cord, brilliant!


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