Sunday, July 21, 2013


This is going to be so cute in my new laundry room!  I will be shopping for seasonal that cheating? :)  Might even head over to LittleMissMatched and order some mismatched socks in coordinating colors!

We are headed to the Sales Office for the new house today to pick out the finishes.  Fun! 

The hubs & I have been playing with furniture arrangements (on paper) trying to decide what furniture we know we want & can keep. This is really tough my friends.

On a brighter note, I came up with a helpful idea this morning!  Our new office is going to be quite a bit smaller. In the new place, it will be in the smallest bedroom.  My husband wants to put his desk and bookshelves into the closet. Okay by me.  I couldn't do it, I'd be claustrophobic. Then, I suggested to my husband that we take the TV armoire from our master bedroom and turn it into a desk for me.  He liked the idea, took some measurements & said it would be easy, and inexpensive to do!  Containment of my "stuff" and a smaller footprint...thumbs up!  It even leaves room for an IKEA single chair/bed.  Smaller space, one more guest bed. 

I am beginning to feel more comfortable with this journey. As Martha says, "That's a good thing".

Thanks for reading!  Chris

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