Sunday, July 7, 2013

This harder AND better than I thought...

I haven't been around (again) because I have been so caught up in this "moving thing"!  It has taken me a while to truly reconcile myself to the idea of leaving our 10-acre property.  This country home was a dream of many years for us.  It has been a joy, mostly, to live that dream.  Now, it is just too much for us to care for properly.  We do need to move on, but it is sad task, you know?

The new house, is 1000 sq. ft. smaller than this one.  It is definitely the right size for us now.  I have finally given up trying to fit everything I have here into the new place; believe me when I say I tried...

"Right-sizing" means I am selling, giving, tossing away a ton of stuff.  These decisions are not easy!  Amazingly enough, I am feeling good about having less "stuff".  In some way, this exercise is allowing me to focus on what I really love, and making a home that is more manageable.  Who'd a thunk?

I am going to try to come here more often as we make this transition.  I'll be looking forward to your comments & encouragement!

Here a few photos of our current place.  I'll post a floor plan & some photos of the model of the new house in a day or two.

Driveway from the county road to our house

House front - early morning

Back deck view

Thanks for hanging in there with me!  Chris


  1. Oh my gosh, Chris! Your new home is stunning! I wish I could be your neighbor if there is one nearby just like it!!!!!
    Xoxo Julie

  2. I LOVE all the windows. And the deck. Think how many blog posts you'll be able to write as the sun is rising in the morning! The county road is very picturesque... I bet it'd be beautiful with snow on it! :) (Not so fun to drive though!)


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