Friday, March 28, 2014

From 10 Acres to...

In addition to interior decor, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about landscaping.  With acres & acres of farm/ranch land around our home, the natural landscaping was just right!  There are beautiful views out almost every window and off the decks.  

Here is our new property!  Postage Stamp might well describe it.  However, I am very excited to plan & execute a new garden for my new home.

The back garden ( from listing photos).

Front - Overgrown bushes everywhere.
I am going to have to live in the new place for a few weeks to see how the sunlight falls on the gardens, but I am certain I will have more shade.  There is, I think, a sunny side yard behind the fence for vegetables and a small cutting garden.  In the more shaded area in back, there is a nice hydrangea, a raggedy azalea and that poor citrus tree that needs feeding, which I have done already.  Poor tree, I hate to yank it, but it is exactly in the wrong place in my opinion.  One option is to go to my favorite nursery and have them do a plan for me.  

I think this will definitely be FUN!


  1. Chris I sent you an e-mail to the address on your profile but it came back as disabled. You won a Devon postcard but I need your snail mail address to send it please.

    Mary - A Breath of Fresh Air

  2. Have you thought about putting a fountain in? I'm trying to work on a landscape plan for the lake and I keep changing my mind on what I want! :) I did draw up a plan using crayons so I could get a feel for the colors I want to see!


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