Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Letting Go of "Stuff"

Preparing to move into a new home is hard work.  I know that.  But when your new home is much smaller, it also means making tough decisions about what to keep & what has to go.  I am not enjoying this part!  I have always been a "more is more" kind of girl.  That needs to change, not just of necessity, but also because I don't want stuff to be what my life is all about.

I have let go of a ton of things already. Had to...house for sale.  For example, I called my dear friend Pat one day and asked her to come get most of my teapot collection and dispose of it however she saw fit.  I just could not do it. I cried as I packed them, choosing only to keep a few that I use, or a couple that where gifts from my daughter.  As it turns out, while I am wistful when I think of some of them, that happens less and less often. I can now say that I hope wherever they land, they will bring joy and delicious tea into their new homes.

Today's dilemma is this decanter set.  I have owned it for years, and it has had a fair amount of use.  I am a fan of Port, Sherry & Madeira.  I also like to serve an after-dinner liquor occasionally.  But truth be told, the set is being used less and less frequently.

So, what to do?

I enjoy the set, and it holds many fun memories of guests and dinners parties. Port definitely tastes better out of those glasses! It looks lovely on my buffet. I think it probably needs stay.

It isn't being used often, it is a pain to wash & dust, if it is on display.  If I store it away, it'll never get used. Someone else might use & love it?  I think it probably needs go.

See what I mean?  Have you had to make these kinds of decisions?  Do you have any advice for me?


  1. Boy have I been in your shoes Chris. As you know we went from a 3200 sq ft house to an 35 ft RV. During the transition I had a thought of WTH am I thinking. I had just lost my Mother and we lived 3000 miles from the rest of the family. I was nearly distraught Chris. Why did I agree to this?? Well I prayed and the answer came to me...................... that I don't need stuff!! Then I prayed WTheck do I do with all this stuff that friends and family didn't want. Well as luck would have it my Church was having a Springtime yard sale. They needed the money and I needed the venue. Worked out perfectly. If not your church maybe your local library or even the Habitat for Humanity store if you have one in your area.

    I wish you well and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    1. BTW we love not having stuff and the RV life is not for everyone but perfect for us.

  2. We have lived here in this house almost 30 years - that's dangerous in itself when it comes to our hunt and gather instincts! We're in the midst of getting rid of stuff currently too Chris. Actually that should read 'me' as my hubby is useless at this and has so much hoarded in the attic spaces………..it's become a big bone of contention between us! Now, he's starting to get the picture, is gradually going through everything, and I'm wrenching things from him with veiled threats if he doesn't give them up!!!! I can't stand living like this, especially knowing it will get harder for us to do all this later - it must be addressed now.

    Because we just spiffed up the 'home office' in a bedroom with new paint, and put new carpet up the stairs and into the two upstairs rooms (the cottage is small just 1300 sf), I've gone through everything up here and stuff has been going almost daily to the thrift shop (I support one which uses proceeds to spay/neuter cats), or given to a couple and their nephew who have a country church and know people who are needy. The nephew is autistic but brilliant with computers and he took the old desktops (which hubby would have kept until they became fossilized if he had his way!) and some office furniture etc.

    Right now I'm working on getting rid of most of my scrapbooking stuff as I do not plan to do much of that anymore - and also lots of antiques/vintage odds and ends (like your pretty but probably, just like mine, rarely used and definitely a dust catcher, cordial set - you can drink a nice sherry or port in a small reg. wine glass - still tastes good believe me!).

    Yes it's hard, but oh so cathartic for one's head and soul! Looking forward to you being able to breathe again, that's how I feel after a trip to the shop and leaving those boxes and bags for someone else to find things they can love/enjoy.

    Good luck Chris - be brave!!!!!
    Hugs, Mary


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