Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Dizzy Visitor

Yesterday morning, I was sitting in my office when I heard a familiar THUD!

We have 4 big windows in our kitchen. Each one is topped by a transom-style window. I love all the light, but those 4 top windows are bird magnets. The windows face the sunrise, and it seems that for a couple of hours, the birds can't distinguish them from the sky. We have at least one bird strike a week. I always run to see "who" has concussed him/herself. Only once have a seen a dead bird, usually they just sit dazed for a few minutes and then fly off. I am a birder, so this is very distressing to me!

We are having stained glass put in these windows, and two of the four are installed. This seems to help the birds, and the summer heat in my kitchen. But yesterday, again one of my avian friends failed to recognize the glass in front of him! I heard the noise and hurried to the kitchen.

This what I saw. A beautiful California Quail sitting on my porch swing.

He wasn't moving at all, just sitting. When I walked to the door with the camera, he did turn to look at me. I was able to snap this photo before he finally flew into one of the almond trees. At least he could fly! But because these guys stay mostly on the ground, I think he was still a little dazed. Hopefully, he will be okay. We have a bunch of them, but I hate to lose even one!


  1. Wow Chris!
    What a treat to see!
    He has the most unusual beak.
    Delighted he wasn't injured.
    He is just so handsome...was it a male?
    Happy Day!
    I adore birds too!

  2. What a beautiful bird! I'll never get to see one of those in chilly Nova Scotia.

    And thanks for the wonderful low-cal advice on soy sauce with swiss chard.

    Love your blog.

  3. I've lived in California most of my life & have never seen a California quail. What a treat. At least he doesn't look too hurt. When I was a kid I went to Yellowstone with my grandparents & stayed in a cabin. A bird flew into the window & I remember being so upset. Luckily, that bird didn't die either. But very upsetting. I can't imagine having it happen on a regular basis.

    And thanks for visiting my blog & leaving me a comment.

  4. Oh, what a terrible problem! Glad you will be able to prevent it completely soon! Awesome idea to think of stained glass! Lovely treatment!!!!!

  5. Lovely header, nice weather and a spectacular California Quail on your patio. You need to play the lottery, you have the "luck" all around you. Sea Witch

  6. All is well for the little guy. And what a beauty he is. Would love to see the new windows so hope you share the project with us.
    Enjoy your Thursday ;-)

  7. Love quails!
    Every summer I get some bird crashing into one of my windows. Usually they are OK.
    Have a great day!

  8. I get this too alot at my house. I just hate it, glad your little guy seems to be okay. Thanks for visiting.


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