Friday, January 15, 2010

Word Verification

The sad fact is, word verification and comment moderation have become necessary in blogdom!  Many  (most?) of us have been hit by the spammers, at least once.  I stopped getting annoyed by the word verification boxes after I had some offshore gambling ads & non-english comments to deal with. That's when I started making it a game.  I even look forward to those little boxes now.  Sort of...

Might just be me, but I have a very difficult time typing a "word" that doesn't make sense to me.  So I began trying to turn these random strings of characters into something I could get my 61 year old brain to recognize.  Now I have tell you, it's not always easy.  Sometimes I just can't make it happen.  So, I type the letters wrong and get an error message AND a better word.

I've been saving some of the word verifications that tickled me.  Yes, I am easily amused.  I thought I would share...lucky you!

~The AFLAC duck says this when he's got a "frog" in his throat:

~When you're ready for dessert you say:

~Handsel & Gretel's less famous brother:

~The funeral notice for your lost computer data is more properly called:

~When you have completed your second year of high school or college you are:

~What the word verification fairy does when you mis-type the characters:

~If your town has many felines, you live in a:

~What a baby says when he tastes peas for the first time:

~Your favorite Aussie greets you with "Hey...:

~A hurricane contains:

~Mork said to Mindy, "Nannu, nannu...

~If something is really simple to do, it is:

I saw on a blog (wish I could remember who's it was) a couple of years ago the idea that one day we would be seeing this in word verification.  At least I understand this one!  LOL!

bifernao, Chris


  1. I too get a kick out of it for sometimes it just fits so nicely with the theme.
    verification: uroc ;-)

  2. Me too. They can be a pain but they fill a valid chore keeping us spam free YOu must order something from Maison Robert, you will not regret it. Love your new background too. Sea Witch

  3. Not sure what happened, I guess my verification didn't take so I'm sending another comment. Cute post and so true, but they exist to ensure we are not victims to spam. Such is the techno world we live in. YOu have got to order something from Maison will not regret it. Sea Witch

  4. I find them annoyingly funny.....I find it really funny you saved some Chris........thanks for the chuckle.

  5. There are some silly ones aren't there? Very entertaining post.

  6. That's funny! Those captchas drive me nuts. I never seem to get them right on the first try.

  7. You made me laugh! Thanks for that. It's wonderful how you are able to turn something that kinda annoying into a funny story for the rest of us. You must smile a lot!
    Thanks for stopping by, hope you'll come back soon. Have a great weekend.
    heidi - Heart and Home

  8. Funny! I wanted to thank you for the sweet note on our little tater bug. I'm singing on this side of the mountain.

  9. Hi Chris! You are so clever :)

    I often am amused by the scrambled letters too and have had the urge to share with someone... and here you've done it! Thank you for the giggle and smile today. xo ~m

  10. Hi, Miss Chris!
    I do that, too!!! And, yes, I'm easily amused, as well! I wonder what my "word" will be today???
    Yours are too funny!!!

    Thank you for the sweet compliment about our table - we love it! And about HHH teaching our Little Man to be an HHH! I think he's doing that, too!

    I loved your conservatory dreams! What a wonderful place to read, quilt, stitch, talk with the Lord, have hot chocolate, and even work... You just might get you one!

    Much Love and Many Blessings,

  11. So I read this post while I was at work and had to keep it unread until I could comment and tell you that I was cracking up on this one!! You are so right about having difficulty typing words that don't make sense and I love your solution!!

    hee hee. Now I'm going to have to start thinking of my own creative interpretations!!

  12. That is funny! I've seen some pretty strange messages within those word verification thingys.

  13. Neato post Chris!! Have you noticed how the word often relates to something you've written?

    I moderate all comments - like it so much better that way.

  14. Hi Chris! Hope you are doing OK...haven't "heard from" you in a while now! This post was hilarious....LOLOL!!!


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