Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Rain and Wind!


Yet another storm is slamming into Northern California, bringing another round of strong wind and heavy rain to ground that is already saturated from days of rain.

The fourth storm in a series that has lasted all week is working its way across the state with the brunt of the storm to pound the Valley around midday.

A high wind warning is in effect for much of the Central Valley with steady winds from 25-40 miles per hour expected along with gusts up to 50-60 miles per hour."

It  has been really wet & windy here.  We need the rain badly, the wind, NOT at all ! 
Last time we had a storm like this one, we had no power for 4 days.  To add to the misery, our generator quit working.  We ended up in a hotel because after the rain stopped, the temperature dropped and we couldn't stay in the freezing house.
This time, we have a new generator, which has been test fired recently and IS working.  We can at least have heat on & off and run the pump for the well. (Flushing toilets are pretty important, too)  I think we could probably stick it out this time. 
Send California your good thoughts, please?

Brrrr!  Chris


  1. Well my prayers are with you. I have a daughter in the Navy out in Monterey. I have not heard about the weather that way.....hope it all calms down for you. blessings,Kathleen

  2. Oh, Miss Chris!
    My prayers will be for you and your family.
    I sure hope that it won't be necessary for y'all to have to leave your home, again. I'm so glad to hear that y'all have a great generator now. And you're right, flushing toilets are nice!
    Stay safe!
    Many Blessings,

  3. Hi Chris,
    It has been bad! here in Modesto we have been hit really hard. We had to drain some water out of the pool twice already, it was ready to over flow. The last few mornings we have had a lot of fog to deal with.
    Keep safe and warm.

  4. I don't know about you Chris but I need a vacation on a calm storm free island somewhere ! It is really wet here also.The ground is saturated. Now we had a winter storm here yesterday. We have 7 inches of snow here today and ice all over the trees.We hardly ever have this much snow.I really don't like snow.

    Come visit me Chris, my report is back !

  5. Good wishes are with you, hope it's not too severe - rain I know you need but the winds are frightening.

    I'm praying also for the people of the island of Madeira - luckily our dear friends got out just in time. I've posted today on the tragedy there on what was a beautiful Portuguese island until this weekend!

  6. Just checking in with you. I notice you have not posted in awhile. I have not done much lately either and really behind in reading blogs. I had to laugh at your previous post with the word verification stuff. Too funny. Yesterday was gorgeous and today I never saw the sun. Been getting lots of rain lately too and I hear we are in for more. Boy is this a wet year for our part of California.

    Hope you are staying dry and warm.



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