Monday, January 11, 2010

Making New Friends - The Recommendations

I just had to add this photo of two "girl friends".  It cracks me up for some reason!

Remember last week when I wrote (HERE) about the fun of making new blog friends?  I had several replies.  Most commented that they enjoyed it too, without any recommendation, for some reason.  One of my favorite bloggers, Mary at "Across The Pond", explained in her comment, why she does not go searching for new blogs to visit.  It was heartfelt and so true to her very dear nature.  And Mary,  you gave me something to ponder!

I did get a few recommendations.  I am posting them here so you can enjoy them too! 
First, here are the two I recommended that day:

Mennonite Girls Can Cook

Blooming on Bainbridge 

~Doodles at Tombstone TumbleweedPeanut Butter Etouffee and Imagine for Me recommends:

Bell' Alimento

Kayotic Cooking

~Shirley at Shirley's World recommends:

Cozy Little House

Family Trees May Contain Nuts

Hope you enjoy them!


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