Friday, September 23, 2011

My Favorite Season!

Today, we welcome Autumn.  Hello, you sweet, soft, golden-lighted days! 

My cloche design - last year.

I love this time of year.  Although it will be around 98 degrees today, by Sunday, we are looking forward to the 70's.  Lovely.  I can hardly wait...

To-Do List:
1. Place my pheasant feather wreath on the dining room wall.
2. Set out my pumpkin collection
3. Make a twig wreath.  Thank you Vee!
4. Try Martha Stewart's idea for Earl Grey tea, steeped in hot apple cider.  Maybe I'll wait until Sunday. :)

 Here's another project I'd like try.  I think I saved this photo from Martha Stewart, but I can't find it on her site to give you the link.  You get the idea.  What could be better than a gilded pumpkin???


  1. I love the gilded pumpkins but this year my Autumn decorating is not happening. Well I did buy some pumpkins yesterday, which I'll post on later, but they will not be part of any fancy vignettes because I'm very busy preparing for my big trip..............and I'll be away so long!

    Love your cloche and the Earl Grey in apple cider sounds perfect for this rainy day!

  2. This is my favorite season too...I am an October baby! Have you ever done the M Stewart drilled pumpkins...they have the greatest look all grouped together!!! I will find the link for you . Julie

  3. Earl Grey tea in hot apple cider? Now that I have got to try. What a contrast today was compared to yesterday! I was off yesterday it got to around 96. Yuck! Now today I noticed how much cooler it was when I went on my lunch break. By after work, the clouds were coming in and it was cooling down fast. Now it is 64 degrees outside. Supposed to rain tomorrow?!? Although as I walked outside at work to come home, it felt like it might rain. The clouds and fog were coming over the hills from the coast. I am in Sonoma County.



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