Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Settee

I am a frequent visitor to our local Calico Corners fabric store.  I can't get enough of the beautiful fabrics and the inspiration they give me.  Last time I was there, I found just the settee I want for my family room.  I walked around a display and there it was.  Not only the size and shape I wanted, but fabric I adore!  Colors, just right for my room.  Birds, I love birds, especially in fabrics! 

I took the photos below with my phone, then rushed home and showed them to my husband. He promptly said, "How many Tupperware parties is that?"  Spoil sport...

I'm tempted to purchase the fabric, and hold on to it until I can afford the settee frame.  Is that a dangerous idea?

I told you I was obsessed! :o)


  1. Hi Chris
    I think you better buy that fabric quick in case they sell out!! It's great fabric.

  2. The bird fabric is really gorgeous - how about you just make some pretty pillows from the fabric - less costly than a whole new settee!


  3. Oh for a bird lover that is perfect. I can see why you love it. Calico Corners sounds like the best name for a fabric store. We don't have a CC store around here, though I'm assuming it's a franchise.

  4. There used to be a Calico Corner's in Santa Rosa. But they closed. I didn't know it was still around. I purchased fabric to cover a chair..started the project but never finished....Guess I better to that one soon.



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